Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Haircut

Today Baby Bird will get his first haircut. He has so much hair that I am afraid the other 50% of his DNA is gorilla. We told some friends last night that we were going to give Baby Bird a haircut and they seemed surprised that we would pay someone for a haircut. Well, there is NO WAY I am getting any kind of sharp object towards Baby Bird's face ever. He squirms and turns and twists and does all sorts of moves that only Dr. Suess could possibly describe. I know you all out there in Reality World are thinking that every toddler baby squirms but not like Baby Bird. I have practically given up on clipping his nails until I noticed 2 large Baby Bird size scratches ON MY FACE! I even clipped his nails while he was asleep and can you actually believe he pulled his tiny cute fat hand away! (ummm he did obviously) Hence, we are paying $20 for piece of mind and the safety of my child's beautiful cherubic face.

On another note, there is a Hilary Nutcracker for sale. Here are 2 excerpts written by bloggers much more articulate than I, the sheep, here and here on the item. To be perfectly honest, I am not quite sure what to make of it other than I think this can't possibly be bad for her campaign. They blogger excerpts listed above mention that Tucker "Bow-Tie" Carlson crosses his legs every time she speaks. Well, right wing nutjob-you have your evidence...

UPDATE: Baby Bird's haircut was a nightmare. He screamed and twisted everywhere. He wouldn't even drive the little rocket ship he was in anymore. He started off okay. He looked so innocent sitting in there driving it and pressing the buttons. It was really cute. Then the restraining of the BB head started and he would have NONE of that. My DH missed his bus so conveniently arrived just as BB was done. Luckily for him, there was a gourmet cupcake shop right next door. I drowned my anxiety in a hummingbird cupcake (sort of like a spice cake with fruit in it) Yummy... Well at least he doesn't have a baby mullet anymore!

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