Monday, June 30, 2008

B's First Train ride! & the kiddie pooper scooper

After being obsessed with trains for the first 2 years of his life, Baby Bird finally got to ride on a REAL train. We were headed to East Berlin near the Goethe Institut where the Scientist was studying and our friend Dr. Chops lives. (He was on the Santa train in the Pacific Northwest around Xmas but I am not sure that counts.)

This train ride was quite an adventure. I knew I had to take the U-bahn 2 stops to get to the S-Bahn. Then take the S-bahn 6 stops or so. (U-bahn=underground train S-Bahn=surface train) BB and I walked the 2 minutes to the train station with BB saying train over and over again. I knew I have to buy a ticket from the automated ticket machine but I can not seem to get it to work. I read in German that I have to "touch the screen" but nothing was happening. So I decided that we were supposed to buy a ticket when I got off.

We finally figure out which way the train was going but there was no sign giving direction east or west surprisingly so it was a little harder than you might imagine. We get on the train and a thought occurs to me that it doesn't make any sense to get a ticket when you get off! The German train system is on the honor system but if they catch you without a train ticket the few times they check, you get a ticket for 40-60 Euros. So I am very anxious waiting for German Polezei to find me riding without a ticket!

So finally I make it to the S-Bahn. I buy a ticket from a machine that actually works and BB and I head off. BB in the meanwhile is yelling "more train" and physically jumping he is so excited! All of Germans are staring at us but he was so cute.

We arrive at the correct station so I get up and wait for the door to open. It never opened. It had opened every time but this time it didn't open. I hear the bell and all of the other doors close. I am totally red faced so I sit down and try to figure out what to do. I got off at the next station and took the same train going the opposite way.

I finally arrive at my destination determined to meet the Scientist and our friend Dr. Chops when I realize I grabbed the wrong directions. I know the coffee shop we were meeting at was right around the train station so I just kept walking around. I finally got the guts to ask someone in German where the shop was but I was having trouble with all of the correct German words and the 1st 2 people I asked didn't speak any English nor did they know the shop. Finally I found someone who spoke to me in broken English/German and I got some confusing directions (he called the train overpass a bow) where I finally made it to the shop and was SO relieved to find the Scientist and Dr. Chops for me only 45 min later.

The Scientist had an interesting experience while he was waiting talking to some Canadians and Aussies on "gap" (Maybe my sis can explain for the Aussie) It seems they have been here awhile but have done nothing but drink...

We went to an organic grocery store called Bio (Bio= organic) and bought some bread and cheese where we ate picnic at the park nearby on the river. When we got to the river, we saw this little boy around 4-6 running around naked form the waist down. It wasn't too strange to me since I lived in Germany before. A lot of the little kids run around without bathing suits on. However, he went to the tree and peed. the Scientist was definitely weirded out. Then, the strangest thing happened. He went to his Mom who was in a really nice sundress and they walked over near the same tree and she picked him up by his legs underneath his knees while he pooped! I am sure at this point that I had my mouth wide open! She then grabbed a blue small bag and picked up the poopie! Sorry folks - I even had my camera in my hand but had no desire to take a pic of this. The memory burned in my head is enough!

After a long 1st real day in Berlin, we headed home, put BB night night with his Thomas the Train pillow (Thank you Capt K!) and his Thomas jammies (Thank you Mom!) the Scientist and I sat on our balcony and drank some German beer.

What a day...


Kristin said...

haha all gap means is that they are on their gap year. Translation = they take a year off between high school and college to travel. Right Loic?

Kayla said...
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Yelli said...

Kayla-had to remove comment due to privacy of names! Here is your comment minus name.

I'm so glad B is having a good time there! I miss you guys and I hope I get to come visit you with Kim soon. The part with the kid at the park is SO weird; good call not taking a picture!