Monday, July 14, 2008

All Nations Festival

Through my expat connections, we finally met an expat American couple who live near us and has 2 children right around B's age. We decided to meet up and go to something called All Nations Festival.

Now I don't know how this blog-iquette works but I am going to keep them anonymous for now until I have a better understanding if people want to be identified!

What we thought: We had anticipated it was going to be really cool and fun with lots of different countries being represented.

What we encountered: 1 Polish bar with people dressed in polish costumes, an Asian stand whose menu was confused about whether it was Chinese, Japanese or Korean, french crepe place, American hot dog stand that I was scared of and the rest was ALL German wurst and such! There was also a stage with tables around and it looked like different groups were performing. Someone out there please explain to me how this was an All Nations Fest.

There was also a tent of Amish-looking guys sawing wood. Notice the beer in the guy's hand.So we left and went to this fantastic falafal place and a playground. The playgrounds here in Germany look so fun! Most also would probably never fly in the US because of lawsuits and liability.

B had so much fun that by the end of the night, the kids had all switched strollers! It was so cute and it made me realize that B needs more than just his old mommy for a playmate!

During the playground time, I was playing with B and the other 2 little cuties. Of course I was speaking in English to him when I heard 3 pre-teen girls sitting to the side (actually where C is in the pic above!) asking each other what language I was speaking (all in German of course.) One of them guessed Russian and the other said English. Then they asked each other if they thought I could understand what they were saying. When I heard that, I looked over at them directly in their eyes and gave them a friendly wave! They were HORRIFIED and ran away. It was so funny...I don't really speak that much German but my comprehension of German is much better.

We are looking into preschools (they are actually called kitas or kindergartens here in Germany) but first we need to get our Anmeldung which is registering your new address with the police. You can also sometimes register at the Rathaus (or government building) Ours is across the street and BEAUTIFUL! Too bad what happens inside is not beautiful! You are lucky if you only have to queue an hour!

If anyone reading is an English speaking expat- this site helped tremendously and explained it all in English!

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