Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An almost boring day...except the train ticket checkers...

I tried to have a boring day today but it just doesn't seem to happen...yet.

We had to go the grocery store. We ended up going to 3 and a bakery.

B had a great time. Everyone kept feeding him! The wurst free sample lady gave him 4 BIG bites and the man behind the meat counter gave him an entire weiner! I don't know if they do this to all kids or if B is especially cute. I like to think the latter...:)

I went to 3 grocery stores because I keep going to find something that I am familiar to make for dinner and it is just not happening. I am standing there in front of the shelves wondering, "What can I make?" I am getting a little tired of sausage (no matter how good it is!) and bread.

When C got home, we decided to go check out the department store Karstadt to see if they sell chickpeas.

Before I tell you what happened, I need to explain something. Germans are a very trustworthy bunch. A lot of things are on the honor system and train tickets are no exception. In fact, this past weekend, our friend bought a bicycle at the flea market and they let him ride it around the flea market before he bought it!

However, they do check tickets randomly but we hadn't been checked yet.

So, we get on the (U-Bahn) train and these 2 young guys JUMP on the train and hold the door open even though it is trying to close. I mean, literally, the guy's face and shoulder are jammed in between the train door and the buzzer is going crazy. They have jeans, sneakers and t-shirts on. I am standing there rolling my eyes because they seem like hoodlums and I am wondering if they broke the door when they flash a badge in my face. The guy next to me fumbles in his pocket and takes out his ticket. C tells me to get my ticket out. I show the young hoodlum guy my Karte and they move on. Now, are these what official ticket checkers look like or are they posing as ticket checkers trying to get unsuspecting tourists to pay them when they don't have a ticket? It seemed very off to me. But no one around me questioned them and I think C and I were the only foreigners but still...

Anyway, department stores in Germany are a little different. They have everything and even grocery stores where you can find more higher end products and strange items. Not to be disappointed, we found our chickpeas and found them for only .69Euros. Yea! A chickpea source so C and I can eat vegetarian! (well- I doubt C is excited about that so maybe it is just my Yea)

Anyways, we went home. We wanted to look around more but B was being a total 2 YO and we wanted to leave before we ended up paying for something he broke. I think I heard C say, "Entschuldigung!" (excuse me) for B like 6 times.

We stopped by this bakery near our house we kept passing by (but it was always closed) to see what they had. Now, I have only been here 1 week and 1 day but I know Germans know their sausages and they know their pastries. Even the cheap supermarket sausages taste better than any expensive American sausage!

We were totally drooling over everything and finally we bought something with apfel (apple) in it and something with strudel in it. Of course auf Duetsch. (in german) They were delicious and when I figure out what we ordered, I will post it here. Nothing was super-too-American-style sweet. The strudel was filled with some kind of vanilla creme and the apfel thing was shaped kind of like a filled in pretzel. We are DEFINITELY going back. To bad it is literally 50m (or 150ft) away! I am going to be like 4,000kilos! It was also very inexpensive for the quality. Nothing cost more than 1.25 Euro.

Unfortunately, we ate the apfel thing before I could get a pic but you can see the strudel cake thing.

We ate a delicious dinner of salmon, pasta and mint with peas. The fresh produce markets here are wonderful!

It was bath night and my turn so I am sure you can guess the rest of my night-wet and struggling with B to wash the soap out of his hair. (speaking of which-note to self-find bubbles. He keeps asking for them but I haven't found them yet.) He insisted I take a pic of him with his Mama dragon.

Guten Abend!

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