Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy not-4th-of-July weekend

What an interesting weekend. Normally, I would be writing about fireworks and such but obviously here in Berlin, there is no such holiday.

We started off Friday night at a cafe with C's friends from language school. A cafe sounds harmless enough so we brought B. However, this cafe was in uber trendy East Berlin section and while toddlers are welcome in bars early enough, I felt very old and very stupid. So we left to see Amerikafest after 1 drink.

We didn't even end up seeing the fireworks. It was raining really hard and the new US embassy opening with Georgie Bush was closed off to the public! I guess I should have realized that with such 2 high profile people, security would be tight. Do you see the screen with George HW Bush under Brandenburg Tur?

We were going to listen to his speech but then we realized we don't really care that much. So we went off in search of food.

We finally found a place that looked kind of kid friendly. It was a British pub but it was very expensive. In fact, every restaurant we found near the big embassies are very expensive but we were starving so...

I ordered & ate liver on accident. B was needing some attention and I wasn't prepared to order when she came over so I just pointed to something that I thought was what I picked.

Yes, it was gross. It had really weird texture. But I tried to eat most of it and downed it with a very common good Berlin bier called "Bit" whose slogan says Bitte ein bit (Please a Bit beer). I kept saying to myself that it has lots of vitamins and minerals in it to keep from throwing it up. Please don't comment if it doesn't! I don't want to know!

C also tried something I had talked about. When I was in Munich, the way "real men" ordered a beer was to say "ein mass bitte" which means one liter of beer please. (one hardly ever sees women drinking 1 mass) However, I am not sure he remembered that ein mass was 1 liter! He DRANK it all. Luckily for us, we don't have a car! C is now a real man and I took a picture to prove it.

We thought again about staying for the fireworks but B was exhausted and it was still raining and we didn't feel like waiting for 2 hours. Rome is on the same latitude as Chicago which means that Berlin is even more North! It stays light here forever and is light here very early in the morning (like 4am!) I guess this means that the winter is going to be tough...

So we headed home. More trains...As B would say, "Yea, more trains!"

Guten Abend!


Jill said...

Glad to see you guys are settling in. We already miss you guys here!! The fourth was the usual here. The Allards had a party and set of a bunch of fireworks in their neighborhood. Good times! Anyway, life's about the same here. I'm heading down to Phoenix later this week. My dad just got out of the hospital after spending two weeks with multiple complications after surgery. Anyway...he's fine now and it will be good to head down there to the 110 degree heat (no humidity, though)..


Afferent Input said...

Sorry to hear about you dad Jill. Hope all is well.

(sorry to hijack the thread yellis!)

Oh yeah, I thought ein mass was just a big beer. I didn't think it was THAT BIG!

Yelli said...

Jill-I am also sorry to hear about your father. Keep us updated!

It was good to hear from you!