Thursday, July 17, 2008

Can I still blame jetlag?

I am such a dolt.

My 2 friends Janet and Eric have an anniversary today. I will always remember their anniversary because it is always 7 days exactly after our anniversary. So Happy 4th Anniversary Janet and Eric! In fact, they were organized enough to come to our wedding 2 hours away and then fly a couple days later to Illinois to get married! What a super couple. (the couple that travels together-stays together...wink, wink)

So that got me thinking...Where is our calender?

Well, I found it and realized that I have missed some important friend and family events. SORRY!!!

Kayla and Kimber-how could I forget your birthday? You will have to get something extra special once I figure out how to use Deutsche Post.

To the rest of you-can I still use jet lag as an excuse?

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