Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Germans

A few musings about my adopted country. Of course I tell you I haven't met any Americans and of course today we meet a bunch of Americans. More about that later.

Fashion: very european. They don't seem to care much if they match or not and I wish my American brain would allow me not to care if I match or not "must match, must match," There aren't too many flip flops.

I hate to sound stereotypical but germans are very effcient and love rules. They also love to tell you rules if you don't follow them with a very forceful tone. You can't take it personally but it is a little strange. For example, The Scientist got cussed out for not standing on the right on the escalator. Our friend told us someone called him a baby murderer for walking against the light.

They also llike to be efficient. There is no waiting for pregnant women or women with small toddlers obsessed with garbage on the ground and won't get on the train until they pick it up (uhh..I am not talking about myself here- I swear)to get on or off the train first. They just hurry and get in the train.

The Scientist asked me today if noticed that German women don't wear bras. I hadn't noticed but today I looked and of course he was right. I guess whatever floats your boat, right?

Their train etiquette is quite different by American standards. Today I saw a man with his shirt off and a woman who had a couple of open bottles of wine between them and 2 dogs sitting on the floor of the S-Bahn (and this was at 5pm!) When I was going home tonight, 2 young trendy girls were drinking beer together quietly. I am not horrified by it but I defintely know it is not culturally acceptable where I grew up!(my mom was pretty mean and wouldn't let us drink beer when we were young) In Tokyo, the trains are so silent, you could hear a pin drop. In England, cell phone usage is not allowed. However, Germans are somewhat in between. The young use their cell phones but they are frowned upon. There is also a lot of snogging going on.

I like the trains. I like not having a car. maybe I will stay here...

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