Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 1 week in Berlin Anniversary!!!

As a friend said this morning - How can you not like a city that values Brunch and Flea markets on Sundays? I totally agree!

First of all, today is our 1 week Anniversary in Berlin! It is also the first day I didn't wake up wondering why the Sun was out. I have had HORRIBLE jet lag to the point of having nausea. Moving to a different country sure sounds cool & sexy but sometimes the reality isn't as pretty...I still don't feel perfect but I felt a little better today.

Brunch First-We met our friends from C's language Kindergarten in the morning around 11:30. In typical B fashion, we were late. We were running basically on time but then we noticed he had #2 in his diaper as we were about to go into the train station. Now, I am really enjoying myself here in Berlin but so far my one big complaint is WHERE ARE THE BATHROOMS??? Doesn't anyone in Berlin have to go to the bathroom ever or change their kids' #2 diapers??? Maybe some of my anonymous friends who have commented on my blog can answer this. Maybe this explains the kiddie poopie scene we saw before. So we had to go back home, change him and then hop on the trains.

So we finally met up with our friends and walked around to find brunch. We found this really great place that was super crowded and sat down. We waited and waited for someone to come take our order...we probably waited for almost 15 min. Finally, I went up there and asked in my very bad German what we were supposed to do and she told us to just go up there and get a plate. Service at any restaurant here in Berlin doesn't seem great but then again, you don't have to tip as much either.

The food was delicious but the Germans sure have some funny (at least to my American self) ideas to what brunch food entails. For only 7.5 Euros, we had our choice of at least 20 kinds of cheeses, eggs with onions and cheese, a couple of plates of what appeared to be lunch meat, very small "egg rolls", lots of different kinds of puddings-rice, banana & others, small Belgian waffles with 2 types of sour cherry sauces, cereal, chicken wings, pickled mackerel (with pickles inside!) salmon, lox, couscous salad, other cold vinegary vegetable salads and only 2 types of bread. I don't know if this was typical brunch but I will let you know next week! (I wanted to take a pic but I totally forgot.) One of our friends we were eating with doesn't eat meat (there is A LOT of meat in Berlin) and so he went up to ask about ordering something vegetarian on the menu. However, they don't serve anything on the menu! Just all-you-can-eat delicious brunch.

During brunch, one of our friends was looking up something in her German-English dictionary. She told us that her and another one of her friends had bought them yesterday. However, hers was the British version and her friend bought the American version. The British version had 3,000 more words in it! Why do the British have more words? I guess we should just ask the tootsie roll owl.

After our tummies were full, we went to our 1st Flohmarkt! (flea market for you English-speakers) In between Bernauer Str and Wolliner Str. near the Eberswalder U-Bahn Str Station was the Market in East Berlin. Really Fantastic. Really overwhelming. I guess these are very common on the weekends. There was food and bands and goods as far as the eye could see. In one stall, we even saw a girl getting undressed right in front of everyone so she could try on a pair of pants. She was just standing there in her underwear. I guess I am a prude American.

Anyways, we didn't buy anything yet. I really wanted to get B a tricycle but didn't see any. There is always brunch and flohmarkt next Sunday!

We went home and decided to try to find a playground for B. We haven't really walked around our neighborhood too much so it was interesting. We found a couple of cool biergartens and Italian cafes we want to try. One even has a kids menu! (those are rare in Germany)

We found 1 playground and 3 soccer fields. They start them young here!

We made some dinner (more schneke und salat) and then C did his Hausaufgabe (homework). I think this is hilarious as the guy I married who has a PhD in Neuroscience trying to figure out how to say and write "chalk" in German. He is so cute.

I am excited about going to an English speaking Mom's group in my neighborhood on Tuesday. We haven't met too many people yet and none with kids.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

BTW: I am totally a space case and forgot to give mein Mann props for helping me design my new website! He changed the blogger title bar in his computer with his crazy computer skillz and emailed it back to me. I of course love it and say THANK YOU & VIELEN DANK C!!!

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