Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Humbled by a 4 year old...

I have been thinking that I speak very good German - I have been ordering in restaurants, opened a bank account, talked to the phone company, called the stroller company for a new wheel and even read the newspaper.

I went to a park today with B and a bunch of ~ 4 YO showed up. B and I were playing with a ball when one of the kids came up and started talking to me in German. I had no idea what he was saying so I pointed at B and said, "Er spricht kein Deutsch." I SOLD OUT MY KID!!! Mother of the year-right here.....

I eventually figured out he wanted the ball and I thought he and B would play with the ball but he took it and ran away! Humbled by a 4 year old...last time I pat myself on the back!

I am also going crazy evidently. Thomas und Seine Freunde was being shown last week around 9am on my channel 3. It is this train show that my little guy is obsessed with but in USA, it is called Thomas the Tank Engine there. In fact, before moving over here, I was worried about how he was going to take not seeing Thomas.

This week, I couldn't find it! Am I crazy? I looked at the Togolino website (which is the TV station) with a little cow icon and I couldn't find it anywhere. It is like it never existed! Did I dream that we watched it last week? Jet lag makes everything seem like it was a dream.

Also, we live in an older section of town. In fact, in our building, we think we are the youngest here by like 50 years. The young hip parents section of town seems to be in the former East Berlin. I have been a little (really-only a little) disappointed that our beautiful apartment is in a fairly boring part of town!

However, today we found the wilmersdorfer arkaden, only a street away! It is a GIANT mall. I am not much into shopping but I do love to eat and there were a bunch of really great specialty grocery stores in there!

Will have to explore there later.

The real reason I found the mall was because I tried to go to the English-Speaking Krabbelgruppe (playgroup) but couldn't find it. I am not feeling very smart lately. First, I can't figure out the stupid German phone numbers to call her to begin with (I resorted to only email even though it said to call) and today I couldn't find the group!

I found the building. It is a really cool community center called "Haus der Familie" which basically was a really nice community center that came with a big kitchen and was well maintained. I couldn't find the English speakers. I looked around. I even put my ear to a couple of doors to see if I could hear English but to no avail. I asked at the Office (Buro) but no one knew where they were at. The lady that runs the group said they meet outside. I asked outside but no one knew.

I think I am crazy. Well except about the German phone numbers. There is no standard way to write them so every number is written differently. A phone number can be 6, 7 or 8 numbers. Germans seem fairly logical about everything else so this surprised me. Well, and annoyed me ROYALLY!

Ich glaube, ich bin verrückt

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G in Berlin said...

Hi- I have a 2 and a (next week) 5 yr old) and live not far from you. Drop me a line at bigappletobigbear at gmail dot com and perhaps we could have our own playgroup, or meet for the festival of nations this weekend.
I saw you on the Germanway group and will just toddle off and read a bit of your blog before the girls are home from kita...