Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am official!!!

Well, not really official but I did manage to register my address with the Police.

In order to get a visa, you have to register with the Police first. Sometimes, you can do this at the local government building or Rathaus. Germans have to do this every time they move which may explain why they don't move very often!

On Tuesday, I decided to go. Their hours are M, W, and F from 8am -1pm. On Tu and Th, they are open from 11am-6pm. So since it was Tuesday, I tried to leave promptly at 10:40 in order to get there in time. And they make fun of American government workers? With those hours, why work anywhere else?

However, I do have a toddler in tow and nothing works out like it should. He decided to THROW A FIT for seemingly no reason at all right before I left. And of course being a 2YO, ended it as soon as I offered him milk. I wasn't able to get there right as they opened.

I had to wait in line to get a number to wait in line. (yes you are reading that correctly)

They are also on strike now which makes everything more complicated because why would anything be easy for me? When I got to the front of the 1st line, she said they were on strike and to come back in 2 or 3 weeks. I said (in bad German of course) "2 or 3 weeks? We need an Anmeldung to get our Visas so my husband can start his work!" which is sort of true...

Suddenly, an old German guy tried to open some door near the front desk. The 2 front desk people leapt up and ran towards the door and started yelling at this old German guy who continued to yell back. The only thing I could make out was that they were calling the Police. This was just the 1st of many angry people I encountered there.

She came back and just threw me a number. Was I saved by the angry German guy? Who knows???

I waited. And waited. I came prepared with 2 Brezel (YUMMY!) for B. He ate both of them. He did a #2 diaper. I changed that in the corner of the room. (of course-when I was walking around afterward, I found a bathroom) We played trains. We sang "Wheels on the Bus" and played "pat-a-cake." 2 hours later, my number came up.

Every time someone's number came up on the scoreboard, (which gave a number and next to it, the room you were supposed to go to) there were these distinctive 3 dinging sounds that B kept imitating. Even the angry Germans at the Rathaus thought that was funny and kept smiling at him.

Now I have heard a lot of awful horrible stories about applying. After that long wait, I was VERY anxious. But when I walked in, my experience was very pleasant and I had no problems. Where my German left off, her English began surprisingly. I had been warned that there was no English spoken at all. Of course, I should have known that she of all people spoke English. Her desk was covered in coins from all over the world. It definitely kept B occupied.

Well, of course, I had 1 problem. She said my passports didn't prove that B was our son and needed his birth certificate. I wanted to ask her to access C's photo and look at B again and tell me he wasn't C's son! Maybe she didn't think he was my son! But I was too scared she wouldn't think that was funny and throw me out of the country or something. So I had to go home, grab his birth certificate and bring it back to her. She assured me I didn't have to wait!

When I got back, I waited for another angry German guy to finish yelling at her and then gave her the birth certificate and everything was all done. She said it would come in the mail soon.

Cross your fingers for me...

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