Monday, July 14, 2008

Ikea made me..homesick?

Of course, C is very busy today and tonight. He has important stuff to edit - like comments from his prof on his green dot paper. So, here I am avoiding housework as I blog and blog and blog...

On Saturday we went to IKEA.

Oddly enough, it made me feel a little homesick. Even more oddly, it wasn't much different than my IKEA in Seattle! The same strange words in Swedish hovered around me like a child's mobile. The same addicting yet disgusting Swedish meatballs filled my plate for lunch.

We bought some stuff our furnished apartment does not have. Like 30 euros worth of train tracks for B. In fact, sadly enough, that was the main reason we went! (note to self-find out how to make that cool E-sign for Euros!)

We also got some kitchen stuff blah blah blah...

I had an argument with the cashier about the fact that the kids meal didn't come with a drink until I realized there are 2 kinds of kids meals. The one with meatballs comes with no dessert and no drink but the noodles do. **The main story here being I was able to argue in a foreign language!!!

**Ok so maybe I wasn't able to argue that much but I did pointedly tell her that the menu up there states that a kids meal comes with a drink and I recieved no drink! Too-shay Frau!

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Kimber.G. said...

aaaaaahahah ahhh the arguing in a different language made me laugh hysterically, i could totalllly see that happening! Bode looks bigger in all these pictures than I remember him being a couple of weeks ago! I miss you guys, glad you're having fun though!