Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It has crossed my mind many times

What has crossed my mind MANY MANY times has actually finally happened.

I don't know about you but I sure hope this wakes up the airline and travel industry to the anarchy that is flying on airplanes nowadays.

My family has flown so much over the past couple of years it is ridiculous. We fly for many reasons but the biggest reason is that our families lived over 2000 mi away from us. That and now we live in Berlin!

Our son alone logged ~12 flights in the 2 years of his life and I have lost track after he turned 2. (believe me-these were all necessary flights as we had a lot of very sick family members) Rarely, do I remember a flight that didn't have some kind of drama where planes were always late, passengers getting bumped, lost luggage...People are just angrier at airports and I can imagine it would not be fun to work there with them!

I have been flying a lot and have noticed a general decrease in the amount of customer service and an increase in problems associated with flying.

I don't know the reasons. I am sure there are much smarter people than I out there that analyze these type of things.

Does anyone think it has been better or worse to fly recently? What about travel in Europe? Is intra-Europe travel better than intra-US travel?

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