Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Language School

C and I did not end up going to a biergarten last night because of a certain grouchy 2 YO who was having temper tantrums in the street. I know he is extra tired because he plays "nigh nigh" all of the time. He rolled himself up in the rug last night as you can see from the pic on the right. He did sleep a lot better last night. He woke up only once and cried just a little. I don't think he is feeling all that well either. He isn't eating very much and those of you that know him well know this is VERY strange! However, he is drinking LOTS of milk. We have already gone through 2 liters and have only been here now 3 1/2 days.

Yesterday, C and I opened a bank account. Now let me have a chat with those of you who said everyone in Germany speaks English. I would admit that everyone speaks English-everyone speaks A LITTLE English at least. I expected to barely be speaking German but so far, that is not the case. We had to open a bank account in GERMAN yesterday. Yes, that is right..with my sucky German, I actually managed to open an account and understand most of what was being said to me. In fact, I have yet to meet an American/Brit/Aussie except the one we met intentionally on Monday! I know I have only been here a few days but I have to admit I am surprised.

Well, there is a crazy old German guy in our building that we keep running into that I think makes it a point to know everyone in our building (he gave us a detailed description of everyone who has lived in our apartment in the past 6 years) He speaks pretty good English but mixes up his German and English together.

We did have fun eating last night though. We still didn't feel like cooking so we found a little vendor that sells currywurst. It advertises that it was the original currywurst and was right by our new flat! We weren't sure what to expect and I half expected to throw it out or drown it with some bier we had. But it was delicious!!! It was basically a sausage with some kind of reddish sauce, curry powder and ground chili pepper. In fact, it was so delicious that we are going to insist that all of you try it when you visit. (I said when - not if!!!)

C headed off to language school this morning. It sounds like he has an interesting mix of people at his school with only 3 other Americans in his class of 15. In fact, he is the star pupil right now with his 15 German words I taught him! He can count and say "I don't speak any German." He also says "My name is C." (but he usually messes that one up.) He was surprised that the other people in his class don't know any of that. I am very tickled that he knows the most German!

B and I also went to language school this morning. We watched Sesamstrasse auf Deutsch! It was pretty interesting. Some of the same characters are there but there are a lot of different ones too. Ernie, Bert, and Cookie Monster (although he is called crumb monster here) are the same but there is a big giant bear and a sheep that wears a detective jacket. I understood most of what was said except when Dect. Sheep interviewed a police officer. There was a little skit where Ernie went in and out of his house. He was saying "Aus" for out and "Hin" for in. B started copying him but I am not sure he understood what he was saying. The other thing I LOVE about it is that it doesn't switch away every 5 seconds between all of the skits. The police officer interview went on for 5-10 minutes. Overall, I think I am going to continue to try to watch language school, I mean Sesamstraße everyday.

I don't know what we are doing today but I am sure it is going to be an adventure somehow.

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Tessa Enright said...

yeah, i'm not sure what part of germany you're in, but i live in dresden, and nobody speaks english here!