Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Locked out

You know how in America if you walk out of your house, you have to actually lock the door when you leave?

I have learned the hard way that this is not true with German doors. They are more stubborn than American doors.

The doorbell rang. I was changing B's #2 diaper. I was all flustered so I tried to hurry and change him because my landlord was coming bearing gifts of a cheese slicer and vegetable peeler!

So I grabbed the B and pushed the button to talk. No one answered so I ran downstairs to see if the landlord had thought I wasn't home.

No one was there. There however was a package slip in my mailbox which with my horrible translation skills, said that they had a package for me but left it with another couple! I thought my German was bad because this didn't seem possible. So, I went back upstairs to translate and the door was locked.

It must automatically lock behind you.

B and I had fun though. I wasn't too worried as C usually gets home around 1:30-2 and it was around noon. (YIKES!!!!!)

We went to the park and walked around. We listened to a painter cuss out someone in his cell phone. We counted the stairs in German AND English. We saw lots of kids play fussball. We saw some birdies taking a bath in a fountain. B seemed obsessed with this and probably distracted him more than anything else. I talked with a worker who mistook my pauses for not understanding him but was me trying to figure out how to say something in German from English - translation in my head is not as quick as I would like yet.

Finally when it seemed like we couldn't wait any longer, C got home around 2:20 . We put B down-he was VERY tired and then I promptly fell asleep! No blogging yesterday!

BTW: the package was left with someone else in the building. I rang their bell later but no one answered.

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