Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"More Train?"

B had a tough night. He woke up around 10pm and stayed awake until 1:30am. He slept perfectly the night before. I guess he is still getting used to the time change. We kept saying to ourselves over beer the night before how lucky that he adjusted to the time change so quickly! Guess we counted our chickens before they hatched!

C had to get up early this morning so it was tough after not getting much sleep. Unfortunately, we didn't have an alarm clock so we were kind of worried about waking up for C to get to German language kindergarten but he made it I think and there was coffee in the pot when I woke up. (one of our first essential grocery items to buy)

When B woke up, I decided that we needed an alarm clock so B and I got dressed and headed off in search of one.

I had absolutely no idea where to go and our friend we know in Berlin left yesterday night for the US. I decided that the street I had gotten off on yesterday seemed like there would be a lot of shopping and it was only 2 train stops away.

As soon as B woke up anyways, he was asking "more train?" Berlin is 2 year old heaven! (Henry is going to have to visit soon!!!!) so off we went.

We got on the train with no drama this time and a ticket in hand. I got off on Wilmersdorfer Strasse. The entire street is almost completely closed off to vehicles and there are shops galore. So B and I walked finger in hand (I love it when he grabs my finger to hold!) until I saw somewhere that might sell an alarm clock when what should appear before my wondering eyes but a Woolworth. At first I was hesitant to go in because I figured that since I am in Germany, I should go to german stores but heck, I was very tired and the little B was not in the best mood. (Except when we were on the train and he kept saying Yea! over and over again)

We got the clock and headed out along with shampoo. (one thing I forgot to bring) For the most part I wish I spoke more fluent German. I can get by okay but the Germans think the way I talk is funny. I often have to talk around the word I am trying to say and it comes off kind of funny. For example, I didn't know the word for microwave so I was asking the clerk for the small stove that makes cold food hot again. She finally understood what I was talking about and told me the word is Microwelle.

However, on this shopping street there were a lot of sales clerks trying to make you buy something or have a "moral issue" they want to talk about with you and I very easily got through them by giving them my best American accent telling them I speak no German. :)

B was asking for a cracker so we sat down next to an old fountain that had signs all over it saying "don't drink the water" But as you can see from the pic on the right, it is filled with flowers not water! The Germans seem VERY energy conscious so I wonder if this was another move in that direction since I know water fountains take up a lot of energy.

We are hoping to go to a biergarten to eat tonight since I really don't feel like cooking. We will drink to you all tonight and let you know how delicious German beer is!


jimandkids said...
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Yelli said...

jimandkids-again, deleting comment due to privacy of names! Here is your comment

This is the most entertaining blog I've ever read! I can't wait for the next installment! When you get back, remind me that I'm promising B a ride in a fire truck.