Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Most Hilarious Conversation I have participated in

This is a paraphrase:

Me: (suddenly tearing off my clothes on the nudist part of the beach) Ahh!!! Ahh!!!! It HURTS!!!
Scientist: What's Wrong? What's Wrong?
T: Are you ok????
Me: (still tearing off of my clothes) It Hurts! It HURTS!!!!
Scientist:(staring at my birthmark where I was pointing) There????
T: It is all red there! Oh NO!
Scientist: That is her birthmark!
T: That is BIG and Red! That must hurt!
Me: OWWWW!!!!!!!
Scientist: (starting to say it louder) That's her birthmark!!!
T: (staring really hard at my birthmark) REALLY???
Scientist: (quizzically) It hurts there?
Scientist and T: We don't see anything!

For the record, I have a really big birthmark that is reddish on my side. Luckily for me, I was on the nudist part of the beach while I was stripping off of my clothes trying to find out what was hurting me so bad!

The next day, we did end up finding a big, even redder bump on my birthmark. I still don't know what happened but can probably safely assume I got bit! German bee stings hurt more than I remember American ones do. I will have to see if I can find that citation in the scientific literature somewhere!

Ok Ok...maybe you had to be there! :)

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