Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nekkid Beaches!

On Sunday, we prudish Amerikaners, T, The Scientist, Baby Bird and myself went to the beach! Since Berlin can only evidently be 55 and rainy or 90 and HOT, we decided to take the Berlin way of cooling off. (air conditioners are rare!) ((I mean it-not even in a bank!!!!))

Wannsee is actually a pair of 2 linked beautiful lakes and the longest inland beach in Europe. After walking through a forest, over a bridge, past 2 biergartens (ooooo-that was hard) waiting in line over 45 min, paying 11Euros for 3 of us and a 2 year old-we finally made it!
And as you can imagine on this glorious sunny Sunday-it was PACKED!!!!

Where should we sit? to the right???To the Left???

in front of us??We somehow squeezed ourselves in between everyone and some Germans behind us were complaining that we were too close (seriously-we were not any closer than any other person on the beach!!!) It is times like these I wish I didn't understand any German.

Baby Bird was pretty scared of the water at first. He hasn't had much experience on beaches considering this is what beaches are like in the Pacific NW (notice the coats!)
He eventually got used to it and was being super cute. He liked to "swim" in between the Scientist and I and/or T while kicking his feet while we held him underneath. The Scientist also played with Baby Bird in the shallow end. The shallow end is really great and extends about 500 ft out. (Against my better judgement, I am posting pics of myself in a bathing suit!)

We stayed all day, applied sunscreen 3 extra times (still got burnt) and had an overall wonderful time.

Baby Bird looked a little odd as most of the childeren until about the age of 6 had NO swimsuits on at all. Actually, I think this is a much better idea than I thought before. Those swim diapers are expensive and bulky! (Of course I realize the purpose but...)

You all know this is Germany and in Germany, most beaches have some sort of nude aspect to them. However, this beach had a big area devoted to those nude sunbathers! It was separated by big standing tatami mats. Of course, we were insanely curious and walked over there. Don't get too excited here...there were mostly old men! There was also a BIG sign that said No Cameras and had a camera crossed out. So I wasn't able to take any pics. Drats. (insert sarcasm-o-meter here)

We eventually left and headed to (surprise!) another biergarten! We ate pommes frites, wurst, bretzels and Radler (beer and lemonade mixed)

This was one of mein lieblings days yet!! Bring on the 32 deg C! Pretty good day and definitely somewhere that one should visit when they come to Berlin!

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