Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama and fist-pumps

On Saturday morning, we had a mission when we woke up; to register to vote. (Well, at least I did. C and his type B personality rarely have missions they feel they have to accomplish or the world will end)

Amerikafest was still going on minus 2 very high profile people. But a group called Democrats Abroad and specifically Democrats in Berlin register Americans living abroad regardless of party affiliation during the 2nd day of AmerikaFest. We read on the website there would be some bands and speakers. It was also a chance to see another festival - All Nations Fest - where some lesser known countries would open up their embassies to look at and share some of their ethnic food.

It was back to Pariser Platz and Brandenburg Tor. We found the tent easily enough and they gave B an Obama '08 balloon. We spoke with some very nice Americans who have obviously been in Germany for a long time and got ourselves registered.

A couple of interesting parts of AmerikaFest. First of all, The Democrats abroad tent was a hoppin and the Republican tent was not. You can see from the photo that the Democrat tent on the right was busy all day and the left McCain tent had 2 people in it. There was a McCain bumper sticker if anyone bothered to look closely enough where that guy was leaning with his hand.

(Blogger tip #1 - You can click on the picture to make it bigger)

Secondly, there were not very many Americans as far as we could tell! We heard mostly curious Germans. I guess it is a little kitschy for Americans to attend AmerikaFest.

B was verrrrry tired and needed a nap so we took him home before we could make any of the embassies. By time he woke up, the All Nations Fest was almost over. However, there was one embassy near us - Kyrgyzstan. So we went there and looked around. The country reminds me of a cross between Russia and China (which is basically where it is) The food was DELISH!!!! If you get a chance to eat food from here, DO IT by all means!!!!

Speaking of Obama, it sounds like he will be speaking here later this month at the very same place where Kennedy gave his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner speech!!!"You can see this gate above my head in the picture above. Hope we can see him!

Go Obama!

Changing the subject; Madame Tussuad's opened a new museum in Berlin today and the Hitler statue was beheaded by the 2nd visitor!

Dr. Drew and Adam Corrolla on Loveline radio show I used to listen to in the states used to play this show called "Germany or Florida?" The game entailed callers giving some weird story and the hosts would have to guess if it happened it Germany or Florida. I used to think this could happen anywhere but now I am sure they picked Germany for a reason!

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