Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Obama-Mania has hit Berlin! We are planning on going to see him speak tomorrow night in Berlin and we are excited!

Even still, his visit has not gone without controversy.

I am not going to write about this too much. Far more people with better editorial skills than I have already covered this event but I will give you a short recap. He originally wanted to speak at the Brandenburg Tur. I believe Kennedy spoke there as well as Reagan in very historical moments. However, Merkel, the German Chancellor, didn't want to appear to be taking sides in the presidential race and made her discomfort known.

So he changed the site. He has since chosen SiegessSaeule or Victory Column. This has also come as a surprise since it has been stated in the press that "Goldelse" (Berliners affectionately call the Victory Column Golden Lizzie) was built to commemorate Prussian victories against the French, the Danes and Austria. Not exactly a good place to be reciting a speech about change while standing in front of a monument about domination through war! But this site also used to host the Love Parade so how can it be that bad?

You can read more about this if you are interested by typing in Berlin Obama in Google.

Needless to say, the Germans don't care. They LOVE Obama. And they are expecting a million people there tomorrow. We hope to be part of that 1,000,000 along with a few other American friends.

Someone asked me why Germans love Obama? I don't know except that I am guessing it is only because "he is not Bush."

I will let you know how it goes.

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