Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Anniversary Dinner!

C, B and I went to a resturant in the trendy section of Berlin (in the East of course) called Gugelhof. We don't have any babysitters anymore and I am really lost without Kimber and Kayla my former babysitters in Washington. In fact, I am not sure I can ever get another babysitter again with how well they did! No one can live up to their "quality of care." (If you are reading this-I miss you Kimber and Kayla!!!)

So-minus Kimber and Kayla, we took B with us. We got to the restaurant and they of course noticed we don't speak that much German. They offered (this is important later on) an English language menu.

Almost 45 min later-we get our menu! They weren't busy. In fact, there was only 1 other couple there.

The rest of the dinner went like this. The food was fantastic but the customer service was SOOOO bad that I don't think we could recommend this place and we definitely won't be going back.

Well, I also accidentally ordered a pizza. Here we are at this nice restaurant that serves grilled swordfish and I order a pizza. The menu called it something else. In fact, I thought I was ordering a dinner torte or quiche or something.

The English menu said this:
Tarte flambée „Special“ with ham, chanterelles, dried tomatoes,, mozzarella and artichokes

The German menu said this:
Tarte „Spezial“ mit Schinken, Pfifferlingen, getr. Tomaten, Mozzarella u. Artischocken

I guess that teaches me a lesson of being overconfident of my German language skillz! But who would have thought that this was a pizza?????? Maybe I am not doing so bad...

We finally got home after being at dinner for nearly 2 1/2 hours. The customer service here is bad-always bad but not always that slow. Every store/restaurant acts like you are doing them a favor by frequenting their business establishment. But then again, you only tip at the most 10% so they are not working for you.

And I am ALL FOR relaxing and enjoying dinner but this seemed out of the ordinary. Well...and we had a little knucklehead with us who insisted on drinking chocolate milk the whole time. I think to keep him quiet we ordered 3 chocolate milks!

We did take a picture but it was totally off center and 1/2 of C's head was cut off.

Better luck next time! Next year we are DEFINITELY getting a babysitter and reading more than just 1 review on a restaurant.


Tessa Enright said...

Yeah, the mindset here is very different. It is totally reversed from service in the U.S. (and I hesitate to even call this service). It is as if we are the lucky ones to be served by them, and so they take their sweet time doing anything.

This drives me crazy waiting half an hour to even see a menu, and having to ask for the check after sitting there looking finished for more than 45 minutes. But that seems to be normal and acceptable to most Germans I eat with. Maybe we are just all in too big of a rush.

Cap11C said...

Danielle - I'd be happy to ship Kimber and Kayla over to babysit Bode next that I know the dates. How 'bout I send them in early June '09?