Monday, July 14, 2008


I was kind of wondering how packages worked here in Germany. Do they leave them at our mailbox which has about 30 people's mail? Do they have keys to get into all of the buildings and leave them at your door? Do they arrive at your neighborhood kneipe (favorite bar) like our friends Eric and Janet who get their packages at the bar downstairs called The Summit in Seattle? I found out the hard way!!!

My mysterious package that the neighbors downstairs had (while I was busy locking myself out of the house) was the STROLLER WHEEL! I have never been so excited to have a wheel in my whole life. I am still finding it hard to believe that somehow in my very bad German I was able to order a wheel from a stroller purchased in the US and they actually got it to me. If anyone out there needs a stroller- Hauck is a GREAT company!

I went downstairs and rang the bell for the people who had my package. A woman answered and buzzed me in. However, I asked her where she lived because this is a big apartment building and Germans don't have numbers or letters that identify where specifically they live. (The mailboxes have our names on them) I didn't really need to be buzzed in because I live in the building!

But she just rang me in again when I buzzed her again. So I walked around and looked at all of the names on the first floor on the doorbells and somehow I found it! If she hadn't been on the 1st floor, I could still be looking at all of the names on the apartment. There are A LOT!

She explained she didn't understand me at the door (of course in German) because she is hard of hearing and happily gave me the package. (Of course she couldn't hear well-why would anything at this point be easy for me?) I ran upstairs eagerly anticipating my new arrival and hoping I got the right one.

It fit and this story has a happy ending for 2 reasons

1. C and I can walk around even during B's nap time because he sleeps in his stroller
2. our arms and shoulders won't be broken because if you know him, he is a SOLID, heavy 2 year old.


Tessa Enright said...

Yeah, we are the only ones in our apartment who are home during the day, so we are always getting packages to hold for our neighbors.
I guess they all trust each other here. It is kind of convenient since I used to have to wait so long to get packages in the U.S. if I wasn't home when they delivered it.

C N Heidelberg said...

Sometimes if you aren't home they'll leave your package in the door if someone else buzzes them in. Or, sometimes they'll leave you a card that you can scan to pick it up at a Packstation. Or, you can even register for your own Packstation number and have packages sent directly there, if you aren't usually home to receive them.

icoobaby1 said...

I think you find German a bit difficult. As you said hauck is the best company for strollers/ Push chairs. We have a new Hauck speed sun shop'n drive push chair which as latest features and very easy to handle.