Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We became tourists on Sunday. We took our local hats off and put on our tourist hats.

As we were walking back from brunch we saw a bunch of people looking up. It was either we were on an International version of Hidden Camera or there was actually something going on. It took us a few minutes but on the side of a very large building were guys with ropes climbing down. I don't think this is legal. (kids - don't try this at home)

We tried to go see these really cool GIANT sandcastles that we kept seeing from the train but decided 6 Euros was too expensive for going in to look at them. (Come on guys-6 Euros to look at Sand??!?!?!?! I can buy 20lbs of sand for like $1!) The funny thing here is that they gave a discount for students, seniors, disabled persons and UNEMPLOYED! How would they know you were unemployed? You have a sign that says "No lying-I need money for beer?" I laugh now but I guess I qualify!

So we peeked through the gate instead and left. We realized the train station we were at was really cool. The train station is pretty new. It is called Hauptbahnhof. There was a statue outside of it. When I read the inscription, it said something about that it was an ode to transportation. It was this big giant horse and certain parts in the horse move! (like the ball in the middle)

We got on another train and we walked through Tiergarten which literally means animal garden. It is no longer an animal garden for the emperor (unless the emperor likes small songbirds) but now is a GIANT forest. I mean it is hard to believe you are in Berlin while you are walking through here. We walked through the park until we saw the Berlin Siegessäule, or Victory Column. The story behind the tower is little complicated so the link will take you to some more information about it if you are interested (for those of you history buffs out there.)

It was kind of gray and was getting late so we didn't walk all of the way up. There is a small fee and we wanted to wait until the day was nicer so we could get better views.

Beware though-there are something like 285 steps and no elevator so if you want to visit us, start exercising now!

We went home soon after that. B was again still over excited about the train. He yells "Train Train" and does this little hopping dance. It is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. It also reminds me every time of a scene that echoes the Fantasy Island midget when he sees "dee plane, dee plane." (Boy- am I dating myself although in my defense - this was before my time but I am still familiar with what must have been the reruns!!!)


G in Berlin said...

That's because if a student, or rentner, or arbeitslos, you have a card proving these things, which you must present when controlled on the train, for example, and presenting your free or reduced rate transportatin pass.

Anonymous said...

the artist of the horse (rolling horse) made also the world biggest horse (s-printing horse) in Heidelberg: