Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The best place to learn about the Birds and Bees...

My little 2 year old learned about the birds and the bees a little before we were prepared to tell him. But first...brunch of course!

Sunday would not be Sunday without a morning brunch in Berlin! The place we wanted to go to was packed and so we found another place nearby which was called Santiago. However, this brunch probably ranked the lowest on our brunch scale. Also, the people sitting around us didn't seem to be talking much. They just sat and ate silently with each other; it was definitely a little strange.

Then we decided to do something more kid-centric so we headed to the Berlin Zoo.We didn't see any Schnecke at the zoo but we did find one at this delightful playground.

The Berlin Zoo is a really unique experience. First of all, unless you are living in a cave, Knut the famous baby polar bear lives there. Well, let me tell you, he is not so little anymore!

Also, the architecture is really unconventional for a zoo. A lot of the zoo was left alone in the war and not bombed to bits (like almost everything else in Berlin) but buildings that were destroyed were reconstructed. For instance, the giraffe house has a Orient feel to it. It was built in 1905 and reflected what early 20th century architects thought a stroll through the Orient might look like.

We had literally walked through the magnificent elephant gates when we saw the elephants. There were 2 in the pen and one of the elephants started pushing the other elephant around. We found this a bit odd but eventually realized one wanted to be a Dada elephant and one DIDN'T want to be mama elephant. The Dada elephant kept pushing Mama elephant until finally he had her up against the tree and then proceeded to mount her. She had given up at this point.

Let me stop here. This was one pretty horrifying experience. Worst of all, some young British guys all stood in front of the SCENE and proceeded to take pictures with them holding their thumbs up! I won't go into detail but I can assure you, this vision has been branded into my mind! The Scientist even took pictures but I won't display them. However, if you are brave or curious enough to look, you can view them. Don't say I didn't warn you! They are GRAPHIC!

Let me just say that when any man compares himself to an elephant...ever....he is LYING!!! (and if you clicked on the pictures you can also tell them that authoritatively!)

We did get to see Knut but there was one other polar bear in the pen that was pacing back and forth and it really depressed us. Evidently, this bear was rescued form a circus where he was kept in a very small cage. We forgot to take pictures but I am sure we will go back.

We won't bore you with picture after picture of animals we saw there (let's just say if you know us-you know there were lots of pictures of birds!) but here is one really cool south American vulture.

The Scientist, me and B in front of the Iguanadon statue.
T, B and Baby Bird in front of the Seal fountain.
B is getting to the age where he is just delightful and interactive. He loved the gorillas and kept asking about the baby gorilla. I was surprised he remembered. There was a baby gorilla at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo (which got the URL -no surprise coming from the area where Microsft, etc started) but he hasn't seen it in a few months and just barely turned 2 (in April)!

The boys really wanted to eat some ice cream oddly enough...

We finished it off at the Cafe am Neuen See biergarten after our friends tried out their new German and asked for directions. I didn't believe that they understood the directions but somehow we got there after a looooong walk.

This biergarten was really big and next to a lake pond. The bier was really good but just slightly more expensive than other places we have been too. The food was also delicious although our pizza we ordered was supposed to have tomato and basil on it and somehow ended up with just tomato. (it was pretty funny to walk around afterward and see that every other pizza had tomato AND basil on it-well, at least I am sure someone had a laugh, but not us!) It had 2 sandpits with lots of sand toys for the kids to play with. In fact, at the sandbox, the Scientist got into a discussion with another German father about politics for almost 45 min. (I was kind of upset he didn't get his contact info-meeting German friends seems very hard and they even had a son around Bode's age!)

A delightful Sunday (minus the elephant sex.)


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