Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bowling in Berlin

While my sister was here, we went bowling! I have not been bowling in years. In fact the last time I went bowling, I was well under the legal drinking age in the US.

However, we found a bowling place and not just any bowling place but cosmic bowling in Berlin!!!

To be honest, as I was walking up the stairs, I was thinking this would be a great blog post because bowling in Germany is going to be so different and there are probably bowling balls shaped like soccer balls and the lanes are made from steel instead of wood. Do you want to see what I found? apparently bowling in Germany is much like bowling in the US except in Germany, you get to drink much better bier!

The guy who worked there even insisted on speaking English so he could practice (and really-he didn't need any practice) He was soooo nice even when I kept asking him for bowling terms in German and they happened to mostly be the same terms I am familiar with lanes, pins, strike -all English.

me and my sis with pre-bowling bier: (BTW: I was doing the head tilt thing to be goofy)

The Scientist stayed home with the little guy because he wasn't feeling well (the scientist not the little guy!)

The night was like any other night bowling with friends except for 2 Aussies who were trying to explain the difference between biscuits and cookies to all of us dumb Americans who call them cookies and crackers. Geez-what were we thinking not calling them biscuits? Americans sure can learn a lot from the Aussies and Brits...

The other thing that I discovered is that my friend B is a liar. He told me that the more bier you drink, your score gets better. And in a few of my friends (and sister) that was true. Their score improved dramatically as the night went on.

However, mine did not. In fact, I believe my equation goes like this.

n(number of drinks) + t(time) = Previous bowling score - 25

I knocked down 25 less pins for those of you too math challenged to read my fake equation! But I did get one strike! Can you see the big X on the top lane? This was of course, early in the night.

These are my friends beating me with their superior bowling skills even though I was the one born in the good ole Midwest! My sis also apparently has the lack of a Midwest bowling gene so I didn't feel too bad.
I think my score went down when they started doing the cosmic bowling thing! Cosmic bowling for those of you not growing up in the Midwest where Friday night bowling is part of life just as much as da Bears. The turn down the lights, pour out smoke and turn on strobe and spotlights of many different colors. Again, this is also very common in the US although it seemed to get more popular as I got older.

Bowling ist viel Spass!

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