Friday, August 29, 2008

Britzer Garten: Flowers, Trains and an evasive Windmill

I struck up a conversation with an emigrant worker in my building when I first arrived. He had something in German and I didn't understand. He said it differently and pointed to where he needed to put his very heavy bucket and then I knew I had to get out the way! He told me that he loved Berlin more than anywhere else because it was so green and so much water.

Brizter Garten
fits that definition. It is a lot like Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, BC but much more kid friendly (and more beer gardens of course!)

I am not going to bore you with the hundreds of flower pictures we took but I will give you a little tour of our day. Ok -one flower picture...

They have really beautiful and unique statues all over the place and we had a special treat when B fell asleep and we could actually look around and appreciate our surroundings without worrying that they would be destroyed by our 2-year old.

This being Germany, of course, there are some "different"things. For one, there were a lot of animals around.
Sheep??? At a flower garden? Won't they eat the flowers? Here is another animal we saw. B wanted to show him his belly for some reason.

They also had a beehive. There were bees EVERYWHERE!!! Bienenhaus -Bee house
Baby Bird also got to ride on the train. When we first saw the train, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I have never seen him so excited in his whole life. He was jumping up and down and yelling train over and over again. This is from the kid that RIDES TRAINS EVERYDAY!
Here is the Scientist with B on the train.
There was an odd occurrence on the train. We got on the train and found a seat with no problem. At the next stop however, about 20 VERY old people got on the train which left absolutely no room. At the stop after that, there was this very angry German Mom with about 10 little girls all with birthday presents. Since all of the room on the train was taken up by the old people, there was simply no Platz left. However, she kept arguing with the train conductor that she needed to get the girls on the train and so on they went! There were little girls coming out of every nook and cranny on that train. And the old people started grumbling away. It was really a very funny sight. I really wanted to take a picture but thought it would be a little weird!

There were these little delightful sidepaths all over the place where you walked and could find cool stuff like this chair.
It was completely made out of sticks! If you are thinking-how can a chair with sticks be comfortable? Don't worry-it wasn't.

There were also really amazing architecture. This was a cafe.
I think it looks like a beehive but who knows?

Britzer Gartens is also famous for an old Wind Muehl or windmill. In fact, it was built in 1865! I was really excited about seeing this because if there is enough wind, you can be a total dorky tourist and buy bread made by the flour that the windmill grinds!

However, to get to the windmill you have to navigate through a residential neighborhood that looks like this with no real variation except the gartenzwergs are different. There were identical houses at every gate if you can see them.
It was a really unnecessary long walk and very confusing. The signs weren't very helpful and there were only 2!

After walking a little more than a kilometer (0.6mi) we finally found the evasive Wind Muhl-in all of its barbed wire glory. I am pretty sure we went the wrong way and ended up on the wrong side of the mill but at that point we didn't care and just turned around and went back.
We did end up stopping at the Milchbar which translates as milk bar and bought a beer for us and a milk for B (hee hee). They have a little playground there with a lot of fun water to play in. Most of the German children had no clothes on and we tried to take Baby Bird's clothes off so he wouldn't get wet but he insisted on wearing all of his clothes. (Of course he fell in the water and got wet but that is my life-when do they learn Mommy knows what is going to happen??)

This was a really relaxing and serene day. We will probably go back even if it is to drink bier at the Milchbar again!

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