Friday, August 1, 2008

Ice in Germany

Germans don't believe in ice cubes. If you ask for ice in Germany in your drinks, most of the time, they just roll their eyes way baaack in their head and give you a look that definitely shows their contempt for small frozen pieces of water that float in your drink to keep it cold. And then you only get one small cube.

However, I have found a source!!!! (at least in Berlin) There is hope in this world!!!!!

Go to the site. Click on Depotpartner. Type in your zip code and BAM! You GOT ICE!!!

The person who lived in our apartment before moved out only 2 weeks prior to us moving in. He left a bag of ice. I had the BRILLIANT idea of reading the bag to find out where the ice came from!

Although, I have to admit. I am a little weirded out by the frog on the bag. Why is he trapped in the ice? What am I drinking? :)


Tessa Enright said...

that's pretty handy if i want to have some people over!

i've kind of given up on ice. we make our own cubes in our freezer but when we go out i'm thrilled if they give me two or three instead of one or none.

C N Heidelberg said...

Hhehe, I actually kind of prefer the German way on this one. You get more drink without all that ice in there. And in the US they just put in WAY too much ice. It's too cold and there's almost no beverage!
My ideal is about 2 pieces of ice in a glass, but some drinks don't go with ice at all for me - like Schorle!

Jul said...


I've seen ice for sale a couple places in Munich, but for a ridiculous price. Oh how I miss the 10 pounds for 99 cents in America...

Yelli said...

@Tessa- I need more ice to entertain! (unless I am entertaining Germans that is...)

@CN- I agree about the ice in the US. There is too much ice and no drink. However, it has been 90 degrees here and the little I can make in my little freezer isn't lasting very long!

@Jul- I haven't yet investigated how much it is yet. (talking to self) prepare for my sticker shock!