Monday, August 25, 2008

Meanie Mommy

Actual Conversation overheard of my 2 year old playing with his trains:

Train #1 - Cracker
Train #2 - NO CRACKER!!
Train #1 - one cracker?
Train #2 - No CRACKER!!

I am such a mean Mommy...


Dayna said...

oh too funny!

I always have to crack up when I see my daughter using my words on her stuffed animals. It is amazing what they pick up...always keeps me on my toes - trying to present the words I choose carefully!

christina said...

(Just found your blog through the Whiney Expat Meet up Group - looking forward to meeting y'all)

So cute!

I can remember our youngest, now 12, looking down and rubbing his tummy when he was about 3 and saying "Sorry guys, no chocolate milk today!"

Yelli said...

@ Dayna -he just started this phase! Guess I am really going to have to watch what I say or they interpret what I say...

@Christina - I don't ever remember being that obsessed with chocolate milk but they sure are!

I love your pics from BC. I lived near there (although on the US side) and am really missing it...I am looking forward to meeting you too...