Monday, August 18, 2008

Our first guests...

Our first guests have left and I have learned a few lessons.

Lesson #1
Very difficult to entertain people when you have only lived in the country for a few weeks. I don't recommend doing this unless you are entertaining your sister who happens to have visited your city before anyways and mostly wants to read Thomas books to your 2 year old.

Lesson #2
Biergartens are great ways to amuse guests of all ages especially ones that include playground areas which amuse 2 year olds so you can actually have a conversation with your sister about how crazy the family is. They are also great for bier embibing and tourist watching. I don't know how we ended up at a biergarten with so many Italian tourists but it made for great entertainment.

Lesson #3
Make use of weird furniture you did not know could work as a bed. We made a bed out of some weird couch/pillow things from my apartment which actually turned out to be more comfortable than the extra bed.

Lesson #4
Just because someone is an English speaker does not mean you will understand them. This amuses Germans to no end. For example, my sister and her Aussie boyfriend were here. We had arguments going well into the night and that continued on email today about the difference between a cookie and a biscuit of which I still do not get.

Lesson #5
Stop panicking about amusing your guests. You are in Europe and they are usually from the US! Everything in Europe has a magical allure of europe-ness that Americans like. There is always something to do.

Now if only I had some ideas about entertaining the entire family for Christmas!!! Help!!!

I have more to share and I am sure Mom wants to see pictures but I am tired and must recover...(should I eat a biscuit or a cookie???)

Anyone have any other lessons from visiting guests they want to share?


Diane Mandy said...

You are very brave to be entertaining guests so early in your European adventure!

Snooker said...

You want to know how to entertain guests at Christmastime!!?! It is obvious that you haven't lived here through a Christmas yet... Take them to a Christmas Market, heck, take them to ALL the Christmas Markets. I have several to recommend, contact me if you would like more info.

Anonymous said...

take them to an outdoor biergarten

Anonymous said...

take them to an outdoor biergarten

Yelli said...

@ANON - in December? I am not sure they are open in Dec. They are barely open in the summer for as much blasted rain as we have had!!!