Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sensory experiences in Berlin

The first night we slept in Berlin, we were terrified out of our minds. Even though we were exhausted, we barely had a wink of sleep.

We live in an altbauhaus style building that went from 2 apartments to 1 which makes for a really big flat but also gives us two doors. Our second doorway/entrance to Narnia is in our bedroom behind the closet.

Here is Baby Bird making me take a picture of him!

However, the first night we were here, we did not know this and as people walked up and down the stairs, it sounded like someone was in our apartment. I think I made C get up twice to check to see if anyone was there. (and if they came in the bedroom-I would have used my new Wii boxing skills on them!)

We also frequently heard a really loud noise coming from outside that we did not recognize but have since found out that it is the lady above us who waters her flowers on her balcony! (be careful when coming to my building or standing on my balcony!)

Even the police, fire and ambulance sounds are different here and it took some time to get used too although I am not certain I could distinguish them yet.

We even have our very own opera singer in a building near me. Her voice is haunting but I can't quite pinpoint where she is.

Being in Berlin, we also have lots of church bells. The church bells of your dreams are not to be heard here though. They seem to ring at random times and have no rhyme or reason to their songs. It isn't exactly pleasant.

Near Chicago, where I grew up, I can remember the crickets chirping at night. It was a calming sound to me then but now when I go to visit my parents, I have trouble getting used to it!

Seattle was a fairly quiet town. There are not very many insects and for the most part, people were quiet. There were a lot of crows everywhere, especially when I moved out of the city and I clearly hear their familiar cawing in my head. I also remember the ocean noises even though Seattle is not on an ocean, (they are on Puget Sound which is connected to the Pacific Ocean but not technically called an ocean) we visited the ocean enough that I associate them together.

I am sure we will hear more sounds as we get used to our new city and some will be permanently etched in my memory as sounds of Berlin to me. What are the sounds near where you live that make it distinctive to you? If you blog about it-post it in the comments so everyone can see.


Cap11C said...

Danielle - we live beside a small swamp/beaver pond, and the tree frogs sing all night long in the spring. Well almost all night. Several times, they'll all stop at once for about a minute, then one after another they'll stat back up. It's pretty freaky to hear.

arturgreensward said...

Having lived in Denver and then Seattle most of my life the adjustment to a tiny town in Belgium has been interesting. The sounds I notice the most are the cows who moo in the morning and the damn roosters who start at 4:45am.

Yelli said...

@Cap- I love frogs noises!! For some odd reason, I have always had this "homestead" dream about falling asleep to frog sounds. I bet K & K will miss those noises when they leave!

@artur- Roosters at 4:45am? Can anyone ever get used to that? Although I did do some research in Costa Rica and was woken up quite early every morning from Howler Monkeys!

Kayla said...

It's true, I miss the frog noises when I'm at school. A lot. Instead I hear hoodlums yelling at all hours of the night. But the bright side is at school I get to wake up to birds chirping!

Anonymous said...

i miss bigfoot calling to his mate, on a warm summer night.

So Smrt said...

Hi, Yelli! What kind of science teacher were you? Are you gonna do it again???

At my house (in suburban Michigan), in the spring we hear spring peepers and tree frogs...they lull me to sleep. In the winter we hear snow plows and snow blowers...they wake me violently. In all seasons I hear babies cooing, crying, having dreams, and asking for milk. I'm sure I will miss it, but right now I'd like one night of real, true, honest to goodness SLEEP. (E is 2 and a half and Baby m is 8 months)