Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trying to clean

Some of you who know me might be wondering how the h-e-double hockey sticks I can possibly take it being Hausfrau. I have already turned a load of laundry so pink that my husband called them Barbie Pink socks. On some days, it is not so bad. Others, like today, not so good.

But today especially sucked because due to a family member visiting, I decided to try to attempt to clean. The apartment came furnished with some cleaning supplies left over from previous tenants. I have cleaned before but it was mostly spot cleaning. I began by looking at them trying to figure out which cleaning supplies go with which room/surface.

Some have pictures so it is easy to figure out. Some do not. I was finding it difficult to navigate between advertisements about why this product is great and the actual directions. So, I type in "directions" into translate and here is what I got. 14 DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY DIRECTIONS???? Come on Germans - You have to be kidding me!!!

I can get by in German. By getting by, I mean I can make people understand what I want to say by substitution, not accuracy. The Scientist's German is also coming along nicely and now even he is teaching me a few words here and there.

I am looking forward to the possibility of even taking Deutsch Kurs myself. But alas, I am not certain I can ever get by well enough in German to like say, have a normal conversation with someone. What if the only word I know for directions is substituted by 13 other ways to say it? Then I have no clue what anyone is saying!!!

Reality hit me and it sucks...

UPDATE: Even with 14 words for directions, I still couldn't find the directions but I think this word, Einfache Anwendung, means easy application which I guess means directions.

It does score cute points though for having a duck on it but negative points for not having the title sort out at all what it is supposed to be used for!!! Ente Activ-gel? Maybe people clean their ducks here with this gel?

German duck at Lietzensee-he doesn't look like he wants to be cleaned!


Mom said...

See Danielle and you thought by me trying to make you do chores was punishment when you were growing up. Now you know it was trying to teach you how to function in life. Sorry Chris, I tried. PS normally the duck shaped bottles are to be used to spray under the toilet rim. I know I'm such a mom commenting on cleaning.

Yelli said...

Duck shaped bottles? You mean there is more than one brand and in the US??? Anyways, too bad you didn't try to teach me how to read German cleaning supplies because that would have definitely come in handy...Geez Mom!

Alexander Wesselmann said...

But its called WC Ente. WC standing for Water Closet. Mom is right, the toilet is the natural habitat for this duck.

C N Heidelberg said...

Isn't there a brand in the US called Toilet Duck?

Yelli said...

@Alex - Water closet...should have probably guessed that!

@ CN -before I get myself into more trouble with my Mom-I used only one cleaning item in the US to clean everything (to be more green) - Murphy's oil soap- so if there is one, I am pretty sure I am unaware of it!

The Big Finn said...

Antikal is one of my best friends (sad!) here in Europe. The water is so freakin' hard here in Switzerland, and nothing else removes those hard water stains like Antikal. Spray it in your shower, in your toilet, on your sink...but try avoid getting it on yourself.

Yelli said...

@ TBF- Thanks for the tip! I was wondering what that constant white foam was all over my bathroom floor/shower (why don't Germans believe in shower curtains?)Calcium buildup? I am definitely going to get some biceps trying to get that out!