Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apartment vs House

We moved from a lovely house in the dreadful suburbs of Seattle to a lovely apartment in a lovely city.

How am I adjusting?

"The best things in life are not things."

This was one of the best moves we made because away from America, I can truly start to appreciate not keeping up with the Joneses and just...breathe....

However, if one more STUPID GERMAN MAILBOX STUFFER rings my bell to get into the building so they can stuff the mailbox full of advertisement junk when Baby Bird is taking a nap (especially where it took almost an hour to get BB to sleep!) I am going to scream!

Today, I was so angry that I finally went downstairs and cussed her out in 1/2 English 1/2 German!

Does this happen at your apartment building?

Note: I usually don't answer the bell but I was expecting a package and the voicebox is muffled so I can't understand anything that is said to me even if it wasn't in German.


Snooker said...

Hey! I was breezing through your blog and just had to comment here...

Get a low buzzer or a light thingy they use for the deaf.

It is never going to stop, the mailbox spammers will continue to mess with your life without end.

BTW, it was really great to finally meet you this weekend. Soooo... when are we going to lunch?

Yelli said...

Gut Idee!!!

BTW: I commented on your blog! Let's meet!