Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBQ- German Style and the inappropriateT-shirt Dad

We done got ourselves invited to a BBQ- German style!

The Scientist's lab mate had invited us over for a BBQ. The host had a daughter Baby Bird's age and one other couple who had a slightly older child.

They asked us to bring a dessert so I made some brownies thinking I could give some Germans a little taste of America.

I love grilled food. We don't have a grill here and I really miss it considering 50% of our meals were probably cooked on a grill all year long back in the States.

They live in Potsdam so we (really long story) eventually figured out there is a Regionale Train (RE7) that leaves from a station right near us. It only takes 18 minutes to get there! However, this Regionale train is very have to walk past the first S-bahn station to get to another station. It also has a 24 hour fruit market in front of it. 24 hours? That is totally unheard of in Germany! Anyways, who thinks they need an apple or potatoes at 3am?

We eventually found the station, our train and even had about 1 min left. She had also mentioned that we should bring some bier also but there was a Aldi's across the street from her house so we didn't have to bring it with us.

We stopped at the Aldi's after getting off the very crowded, extremely hot train and found a selection of 3 different kinds of beers - weiss beer, dunkel beer and a Pils. We thought the weiss sounded most appealing.

We got over to their house and suddenly I was very nervous. We must have rang their bell 4 times and they still didn't come until I noticed a sign above that said "Bitte mehr klingen" (Please ring more) So one last time we rang it feeling like we were already annoying our hosts and they finally came out.

We went into their backyard and their little girl and Baby Bird played in the sand together. Ok, not together but more like parallel play. Baby Bird would stick his fingers in the sand and then she would copy him. She would dump sand on the truck and then he dumped sand on the truck. It was very cute.

Our host explained to us that we were to eat Thüringer Rostbratwurst. She explained that this was a very authentic sausage and you put them in a small roll and eat them with mustard. They were really good but I am not sure what the allure is about them.

We were then offered bier. She went to go get the bier we brought but realized it was weiss bier and she sadly explained she didn't have any weiss bier glasses. The scientist blurted out that we are ok to drink them out of the bottle and she looked really confused. Her husband then explained you can't drink weiss bier from the bottle because it needs to mix. (still not sure about this one) Blunder #1!!!

Dinner was ready and the other couple hadn't shown up but our host kept encouraging us to eat. So we started to take one bite when the other couple showed up of course. As they walked in, I caught a glimpse of his T-shirt. See anything wrong with it? (remember-he had a 4 year old with him!)

This is the exact shirt and if you wanted to purchase one for yourself, you can find them here!
The Scientist and I just sat there with our mouths gaping open and tried not to stare.

Did he know we could speak English? Was he trying to provoke us? Does he just want to rent-a-bi---?

Back to the BBQ, dinner was delightful until we started to cut into my brownies which WERE NOT COMPLETELY COOKED! The middle was gooey...Egads!!!! I had overcooked them last time I made them and so I took them out a few minutes earlier this time but evidently was too early!!!

The Germans called them "lecker" (delicious) and continued to eat almost the whole pan but I was totally embarrassed. The outsides were kind of cooked. In my defense we have a convection oven instead of a conventional oven so it takes some time to get used too. I asked them if they had eaten brownies before and they all seemed to think it was common. Myth #4 that Germans don't eat brownies - BUSTED! (just like one of my favorite shows!)

Conversation was interesting as Porno shirt Dad couldn't or wouldn't speak any English so either we were speaking English or they were speaking German together.

After dinner, it was getting slightly dark but was still nice so we stayed outside and watched the bats fly around. Baby Bird was OBSESSED with bats and kept saying "Bap Flying" over and over again. (The "p" is there intentionally)

We finally left, ran to our train and barely made it. The whole train ride home, we had the giggles about the T-shirt.

Needless to say, I don't think we will be invited again...unless they need some more gooey brownies!


Anonymous said...

"you can't drink weiss bier from the bottle because it needs to mix"

Indeed. Weißbier has yeast in it that builds up at the bottom of the bottle. Your pour the beer in a glass like you'd normally do, but leave a rest in the bottle with which you "dissolve" the wheat at the bottom to pour it in the glass.
Franziskaner Weißbier has pouring instructions on the back label.

"Was he trying to provoke us?"

I don't think so. Those kind of T-shirts seem to be popular in Germany these days. You can see _a lot_ of those FC UK or 5UCK MY D1CK T-shirts here.

Andrea said...

That sure is an interesting shirt. I have seen a few that definitely raised my eyebrows.
I can't tell if you had fun there or not. :)
We went to a bbq at my dh's old colleagues house last summer (left our son with sitter since it started at 8pm) and we speak very little German. Some of the people spoke english but it was just really uncomfortable. We pretty much just talked to each other for a few hours and then went home. Next time I'll save the 50€ I paid the sitter and stay home!

Diane Mandy said...

Good for you for getting out there and mingling with the locals! Don't let a few awkward moments stop you. It gets easier and easier.

I notice the radio stations play the unedited versions of most of the popular American songs. I don't think impolite words carry the same impact when the language is not the native tongue.

THe beer culture here fascinates me. I had no idea before coming that, like wines, beers have very specific glasses. And as a result, my glass collection has expanded exponentially since coming to Germany.

Yelli said...

@ Anon - thanks for the info! Although it seems appalling to me that people would wear those shirts! Maybe I am just old...

@ Andrea - If you don't know if I had fun or not, it is probably because I can't decide if I had fun or not either! Also, I got your meme request. I am working on it...

@ Diane - Maybe...if there is another time that we get invited!! I have my doubts! :)