Monday, September 29, 2008

Bremen and the WEBME

WEBME = Whiny Expat Blogger Meet-Up.

This past weekend we whiny expat bloggers (as well as Bremen marathoners and Werder Bremen fans) stormed Bremen. The Bremen town Musicians is probably what it is most famous for but it has lovely resturants, shops and other historical sites. We even saw a party tractor Saturday night! I mean come on, what town could be bad that has party tractors in the streets? (our camera broke but we still had a zoom lens=hence the sucky pic)

Note: I wish my zoom lens had sound because the betrunken singing coming from this was hilarious!

We stayed at the Hotel Residence, which was wonderful, and if anyone was accidentally reading this to get tips for Bremen, stay there. The breakfast was delicious and the staff so friendly. I think we scared the German guests away loudly eating breakfast with our 6 adults and 4 children-3 under the age of 2 but it was fun!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut and J for helping to organize this trip. This was my first out of Berlin experience since moving here! What a wonderful city Bremen is, and I absolutely loved learning the history that accompanies it even though I was disappointed to miss the Werder Bremen game (next time J).

Since I am a relative newbie (and Blogging Mama was the senior Germany Expert-at least at our table for brunch) to Germany, I wanted to first apologize and clarify that I am not a stalker. I recognized a lot of bloggers from pictures etc...and I spoke with a few of you and I KNOW you didn't know who I was! I promise I will pretend not to know you from your blog and introduce myself like a normal person. I seriously could not help it! I was so nerdily excited!

I really wish I would have had more of a chance to speak with everyone like Regensblog and Mausi and but the conversations I had were quite interesting and so delightful. My Life in Germany thank you for bringing Thomas & seine Freunde and for being what I think sounds dramatic but such a kindred spirit! G in Berlin and I shared a ride from Berlin and the children were so occupied playing with each other (and new toys!) that it seemed like they had been friends for years. G and I see other often but traveling just made it better....

CN Heidelbergerin and the hubby are so witty. We really enjoyed talking with you and was very glad you decided to come. Hope we can possibly run into you at H stuff (talking in code for a reason-hope you get it!)

Deutschland uber Elvis had us laughing at brunch and is just a rather fascinating person with so many interesting life experiences.

Jen & Sparky have so much in common with us and even the Scientist got to get in on some blogging conversation and was raving about them.

Diane & hubby (& Charlie!) are just as wonderful in person and she somehow has a special talent for making everyone around her feel good.

Ian in Hamburg - I only had a short conversation with you but you are just as articulate and thoughtful in person as you write.

Blogging Mama and I finally had a chance to speak after admiring her blog for months now.

J -You are the most traveled and you don't let any opportunity pass you by! I really admire that! I so wish we could have made that game! Doh!

Finally, if anyone is still reading, THANK YOU the Scientist! You are such an amazing husband and I appreciated so much that you let me have a few hours of adult time. (Actually, I think all of the stroller brigade had wonderful fathers...they all stepped in and gave us breaks!)

To conclude, I am glad I didn't have to write this in German as I used so many adjectives, I would have NEVER been able to remember the endings!!!

Conclusion # 2 - I wish I lived closer to ALL OF YOU!!! Can't wait for next year! (and yes even though I am in Berlin- I was kind of hoping to get out of Berlin so I will not be voting or advocating for my rainy and cold city)


christina said...

It was so nice meeting you guys, you're all just as cute as a bug's ear and YES, I wish we could have talked more. But we'll definitely do it again some time.

J said...

Thanks so much for attending. I had a great time enjoying your company.

Ironically enough, Hertha will be playing in Bremen on 1

Diane Mandy said...

I am sure we'll see each other before too long! I can hardly wait!

Andrea said...

Howdy! For whatever reason bloglines is not giving me my feeds. I seriously thought you hadn't posted since the meet-up... um right!

So hello, I loved meeting you and your family!