Wednesday, September 24, 2008


To go to kindergarten in Germany, every good child needs Hausschuhe. This is especially true in Berlin where because it rains so much, the wet shoes of the children would ruin the carpet.

Here are Baby Birds's new Hausschuhe!

I splurged just a little on these but come one...when else in his life am I am going to be able to convince him to wear adorable owl shoes? :)

Hoo Hoo!


American in Norway said...

Soo cute... we also inve "innesko" here in Norway... (inside shoes) for the schools & preschools...
My little pumpkins feet are too big for cute little owl shoes... but we used to have them with flowers & kitty cats.... they grow up so fast

Cap11C said...

Those slippers are a HOOT!