Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hiking in Grunewald

Before B, the Scientist and I frequently backpacked. And when I say backpacking, I mean the real thing-no comfy beds, no pillows, no toilets and 70lbs on our back! In fact, we even honeymooned by backpacking around the Olympic Pennisula, mostly in the H'oh rainforest. We ended the last couple of nights at a bed and breakfast.

Boy we were smelly-I am surprised they didn't turn us away! Oh wait... I know the answer to that and if you have visited the Olympic Peninsula you will note that the majority of visitors are salmon fishermen. They were probably surprised to see a female! The B & B also had a Remote Viewing room which for you non-mystical folk is a "power" where you are able to see places using your mind. But that is another post for another day...

After B, this hobby became a bit more difficult. How does one backpack with a 70lb pack AND a little baby who needs to be fed, changed and entertained for hours on end. We stopped backpacking (we will come back to it) and started doing more day hiking trips. This was very easy living in Seattle.

But recently we discovered Grunewald and it is really close to our house. It is a fabulous forest preserve with great hiking trails!

We hiked all around and discovered a climbing wall and some kinderspielplatz (playgrounds). We also discovered an old radio tower that was abandoned by the Americans sometime ago.
The Radio Tower was all gated off but these guys jumped over the gate. Not sure what they think they might find...old classified documents? :)

I forgot to take pictures of the hike but we did end up at this beautiful Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm. It was built in 1897 to commemorate the 100th birthday of the German Emperor Wilheim I. It is around 56 meters high.
In true German style, there was a little wonderful biergarten below. We had hooked up with some English speakers on the trail, most teachers from an international school and shared a drink afterward.
We will be going back to explore more of this area and I am glad to our life here starting to finally take some normalcy to it.

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