Friday, September 5, 2008

How to get out of giving your 2 year old a bath...

Step 1: Offer to make chocolate chip cookies (I used 200g total of chocolate and it turned out more than fine)
Step 2: pretend to look for recipe but really just just visit your favorite expat blogs while Bird (my 2-year-old to be called Bird from now on) is complaining in the tub because he doesn't like to get his head wet.
Step 3: find recipe because you feel guilty
Step 4: chop up chocolate (they don't really sell chocolate chips in Germany)

Step 5: Start to make cookies but realize you don't have enough flour

Step 6: Send the Scientist out for more flour (type 405 you shout at him as he is leaving)
Step 7: read more expat, political and science blogs while waiting for him to return
Step 8: Spill sugar everywhere because you don't know how to use the new cup set your Mom gave you
Step 9: Too embarrassed and/or angry to take a picture, clean it up and start over again.
Step 10: Mix it all together and put spoonfuls on baking sheet

Step 11: Have beaters stolen by the Scientist! (He is informing me in the picture that I have dough in my hair)

Step 12: Put them in the oven
Step 13: Take them out. They made the house smell delicious!

Step 14: Realize you have no cooling racks so you use a trivet with grates
Step 168: Wipe sweat off brow and finally... Enjoy!


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

I deleted my comment because i can't spell (with a wiggly toddler on my lap anyway)
Cute! By the way they look delicious. I never thought about making them with cut up Ritter Sport. Hmm, I may have to try that. I have just been avoiding the cookie question for 2 1/2 years because of no chocolate chips.

Flour 405 you say? Is that like American self rising white flour?

G in Berlin said...

I made chocolate hip cookies just before I left and they came out perfectly- I used the American baking soda instead of the Israeli I had previously used. There is definitely a concentration difference.

Yours look great.

Yelli said...

@Andrea - American All-purpose flour is a mixture of German 405 (cookies and cakes) and German 550 flour (bread). 405, 550 and AP flour are not self-rising.

The cutting up of chocolate chips was kind of a pain but the Ritter made it a little easier because of all of the "creases." Good luck and let me know how they turned out! Next time I will refrigerate them overnight because of this article.

Yelli said...

@G - They were delicious! And gone within 2 days...

Julia said...

Those look delicious. Now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies.