Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kindergarten Issues

A while ago, I was debating with a commenter on my blog named arturgreensward. We were speaking of daycare options in Europe vs US basically. I was arguing there isn't much difference and in some regions of the US, daycare is very hard to find and makes it difficult for mothers to work.

I was seriously misinformed.

Now, daycare can also be hard to find in the US. We have friends who drive a half hour north (with traffic) to take their son to daycare and pick him up in the evening (again in traffic). These friends work right by their house but nothing near them was open.

I thought that was bad. I am now experiencing trying to find kindergarten (remember - in Germany preschool is called Kindergarten) for Baby Bird. I was able to secure govt subsidization for kindergarten care so that I can take German language class. I thought THAT was the hard part. The hard part is finding a kindergarten that has a free spot!

I have called around 10 kindergartens in my area. 2 had a free spot. One had a free spot for children ages 1-2 and Baby Bird is a little older than that. I don't want him to be the oldest in a group.

The other kindergarten we fell in love with. I have scoped them out and watched them on the playground for months now. However, we are 1 of 2 people that want the spot and the director will call us tomorrow to inform us whether we got it or not. I got the feeling in the meeting that he liked us but was hesitant to offer us a spot (umm...could it be because we are new to Germany, barely speak the language and have a child who can't speak any German? Gee, I don't think I would pick me!)

UPDATE: The Scientist's work colleague called and was able to clarify that the other couple who are interested have priority because they called first. It is nothing personal. We still don't have an answer because the director is away today and whoever answered the phone didn't know who was "in."

Now I really don't know what to do except keep looking farther and farther away. We don't have a car so taking train or buses would really be the only option. And time is tight as it is...

Not to mention the anxiety I feel just calling a kindergarten is difficult because my German "ain't so great" especially after getting yelled at on the phone last week with the Doctor's office for "not properly stating I was a new patient to begin with."

I will not go to school if we can't find a proper kindergarten that we like. I obviously won't settle for anything that has a place open but I would really like to go to school and I would really like Baby Bird to learn German and have some socialization with kids his own age!

I guess I am just facing reality now. I thought maybe we could have this fantasy European life where one can get everything one needs in der Nähe. (nearby)

me: 0
public Transportation: 1

Come on: Who wouldn't want to take care of this face????


arturgreensward said...

We live in a small village in Belgium, not far from Brussels. In order to find Daycare for our daughter we tried to register her on the first day allowed (when we were three months pregnant). They said there were 15 people on the waiting list ahead of us (not counting future siblings of children already in the Daycare who have priority). When our daughter was actually born we called again and they said they would have a spot in another year and half!

Anonymous said...
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Yelli said...

@ artur- You were so RIGHT!!! SORRY!!

@ Anon poster- Whoa! What side of the bed did you wake up on? I think you misunderstood the intent of my post...and maybe you don't get sarcastic...

Please don't write rude "holier than thou" ANONYMOUS comments on my blog anymore! You don't HAVE to read my blog...

BTW: I am enjoying myself here...guess you aren't if you go around writing nasty anonymous comments on people's blogs!

Reread my posts please if you have nothing better to do...

Yelli said...

Another point because well..it is my blog and I can say anything...are you seriously criticizing me when I had a very sick kid? When I reread those posts, I see a very TIRED, very SCARED mother...not expat.

Geez weirdo anonymous people - I bet you are one of those people who can never get their point across because you already have a dialogue in your head when someone is talking to you Chew on that for awhile!

And have a great day!