Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My son threw his Thomas Train at Knut der Eisbär

Ahhh...2 years old. I feel like my mother is chuckling to herself about every rotten thing I did when I was growing up and 2 is a mother's way to get back without ever having to do anything except sit back and watch me panic.

It has been an absolutely gorgeous week in Berlin thus far. Sun shining. No rain (maybe at night a little) and so Baby Bird and I went to the Berlin zoo.

I should have turned around as soon as I had a sign.

We had been resisting taking the bus out of confusion here but finally after passing the bus stop in front of my house for the 1,000th time, I decided I needed to attempt to take it. It said Zoologischer Garten on it which is where I needed to go. How hard could it be?

We had been trying numerous ways to get there:

2 trains -25-30 min.
1 train with some walking to get to the stop farther away - 20 min.
Bus - 8 min

(and did I mention it goes practically in front of my house?)!!!! Wow, did I feel stupid for being so scared to take it in the first place.

Anyways, so we get on the bus and Baby Bird gets upset about something and starts throwing his shoes at the Germans around me!!!

I think he was saying pretzel but honestly I had no pretzels on me! There were shoes flying everywhere. Luckily people were nice enough to try to distract him and when the lady next to me spoke in German to him - he was doe-eyed the whole way there.

The zoo was great as usual. We returned to the scene of the crime but all I saw was this.
We went to the Streichelzoo (petting zoo) Baby Bird LOVED this. In fact, this is the first time I have really seen him interested in something like this. He fed a goat.
A pushy sheep
And he loved the horse. He kept prancing around saying "Eeee- hee -hee"
We left the petting zoo and went to go find Knut. We happened by an open but caged off area of African birds. He liked watching the flamingos and imitating their noises.

And then we went to take a Brezel break with Knut. I take the kiddio to the zoo, buy him a delicious German brezel at the bakery and he gets mad for whatever bizarre 2 year old reason and took Thomas the Train AND James the Red train and chucked them at the polar bears. The Germans around me seemed horrified so I didn't take any pictures but all the while was trying to control my laughter because of course why would my kid be the only one there chucking trains at innocent polar bears after already chucking his shoes???

The trains actually did not end up in Knut cage but rather got stuck in the large bushes in front. Here is the bears with a lovely (ironic?) sign behind them.
Can you read it? (it says Bayer as in Bayer aspirin-click on the picture to make it bigger)

We left right after that. I did snap one more photo of the bison. Are they supposed to be in a Native American area? Does that make them feel more at home instead of being surrounded by Aldi's and Wurst?
As we were walking out, the exit is farther away from the bus stop and I am walking along a very touristy shopping, CROWDED area and I hear 2 guys saying "Die Shuhe sind weg?" or something like that. (the shoes are gone) I start laughing because whose shoes would be missing when I realize they might be talking about my little darling. Sure enough, I look down and Baby Bird's shoes are gone! Did he throw them? Did he drop them? I have no clue so I began to back track looking for his shoes when 1 salesperson comes up with one shoe and I start gushing thank you in English. He looked surprised at how happy I was! (Shoes are EXPENSIVE here)

Another salesperson a few meters away also saw us putting one shoe on and came over with the other one.

I lost my dignity today but actually had a lot of fun. And baby bird still has his sandals.


So Smrt said...

That bison enclosure is cracking me right is your description of your son's behavior. Two year olds are a different species, aren't they? Mine had a crazy fit at the mall once when I handed her a buttery soft pretzel (delish) instead of a hard preserved one. Go figure.

Andrea said...

Yep, sounds on par for my days around here. I've got a Drama Queen on my hands. We have yet to attempt the zoo with her but I do want to go soon since the Köln zoo is great. Maybe I should leave her barefoot? ;)
She pitched a fit at the grocery and everyone was looking at me - I was like - And you've never had a kid freak for no reason??

Yelli said...

@ So Smrt- I have yet to figure out what 2-year-old logic is. I have basically stopped trying!

@ Andrea - Leave her barefoot or glue her shoes on! And don't give her anything in her hands! And glue her to the stroller while the glue is out...

Hee Hee - The Germans especially like to stare at my Drama...I don't think they like loud noises in public!

Mom said...
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