Monday, September 22, 2008

Unplug Your Kids -Hard

For this week's Unplug your Kids Challenge, the theme was hard... No really, it was HARD!

So after searching my brain the Internet for rock ideas and not coming up with anything spectacular, I decided to turn my searching to use other things like dry beans!

And since Halloween is not normally celebrated in Germany, I decided to go with dry beans AND Halloween because the only American culture my son is going to get is from us! So we made Halloween tambourines.

First, I had to go find paint. Not only am I not crafty AT ALL, I am in a FOREIGN COUNTRY PEOPLE!!! I have no idea where to get this stuff AND it is written in German! So we went to about 3 stores to find paint and no one had anything but water color. Then, I saw a McPaper which is like a paper/pen/wrapping paper store. I found the paint section and there were like 40 different kinds of paint. Acrylic paint, tempur paint, I bought the paint with a clown on it figuring since it had a clown, it must be for children...

First, I set out the paint. I wanted to make a pumpkin on one side and a witch on the other side. However, I didn't get orange paint so I had to show Baby Bird that red and yellow make orange! (although he seemed very unimpressed but I felt like a painter on PBS with my paper plate palette mixing colors)
Then I gave him a paint brush and we colored the first paper plate orange.

Then we let the orange paint dry.Next we got started on the other paper plate and colored it green!

The paint had nearly dried enough so we added black triangle eyes, a triangle nose and a mouth. And to top it off, a green glitter glue stem.

After we got finished with that plate, the other green plate had dried enough so we painted that. However, I let my "little artist" have more creative freedom here. Even though I kept insisting that it was a witch or Frankenstein, he kept saying "train track" and who am I to argue?

Here we are while we waited for it to dry completely with schmutzig on our hands!
While waiting for it to dry, Baby Bird and I went out to get jingle bells. We failed miserably. The closest I came was a ship captain's bell at a weird store which the "helpful" sales clerk at Bauhaus (Germany's home depot) referred me too.

When we returned, the glue was dry and we were ready to put the hard beans and rice in to make our tambourine!
After Baby Bird was finished putting in beans and rice, we used scary 1 Euro store glue to glue the rim along the outside and put the other plate on top.
While Baby Bird took his afternoon nap, the scary glue dried and it was ready to show Dada!
This project turned out WAY better than I expected. And Baby Bird was ecstatic about his new tambourine.

I made a short 20 sec video if you would like to see how it sounds. The first part is him being adorable and the second part is him being destructive. We will see how long it is before I am cleaning up rice and beans! gotta love the terrible two's...


This was a special project for me as Tuesday morning Baby Bird starts preschool in Germany! This was my last day at home with him everyday and it was truly a special one.


Mom said...

His haircut's adorable. You've made your parents very happy with your project and you should know why.

Bobbie said...

cute project.. you must win a prize for going above and beyond the call of duty in your search to find crafty stuff...

we dont celebrate halloween in australia either, so good that you are showing him the way :)

So Smrt said...

Haha! I taught E the word Shmutz...we always used that in NY, but when I moved to MI, people look at me like I'm talking a foreign language! Thanks for the giggles.

Michie said...

Cute project - and you went above and beyond to get the materials! These projects certainly are helping you find your way around Germany!

Gottfredsen said...

What a great project. You seem to have some "Adventures" with these projects. Good Job.

Claire said...

So cute! I hope he's enjoying preschool!


juliekintaiwan said...

Teehee, train track frankenstein!

Mom Unplugged said...

I'll bet that tambourine is no longer in existence. Loved the videos!

This is a cool project and I should try it with MY terrible two year-old.

Thanks for the idea and I am glad you had fun!

PS. Let us know how preschool goes!

Yelli said...

Well, 2 1/2 months in a foreign country is not enough to be able to figure out everything yet!

Actually, I am kind of enjoying the little push that Unplug your Kids gives me to get out there and look for supplies. It is sometimes easier to stay where you are...

Thanks for all of your supportive comments!

BTW: no cleaning up rice and beans yet! Scary 1 Euro store glue might be better than I expected!