Monday, September 15, 2008

Unplug your Kids- Sand

This was a tough week because Baby Bird has been sick all week and after having a not so nice encounter with my first real medical need in Germany, he and I were definitely not in the mood to do anything complicated. I did manage to squeeze in a small craft when he was feeling better though but still not sleeping through the night.

I saw this a long time ago somewhere but can't remember where I saw it (as is the theme in my life right now.) We made sand dollars out of sand.

We first read "The Snail and the Whale" together and pointed out all of the sand dollars in the book and when there weren't any, I pointed to small white rocks and proclaimed those were sand dollars also. (This is one of my favorite books to read if you haven't seen it yet!)

We also went to a playground and played in the sand there. However, the playground was trashed by hooligans. There was a soccer game Saturday and I am a bit suspicious of the "after game" festivities. (We forgot our camera but there was garbage everywhere...)

To begin our project, we gathered some construction paper, glue, sand and scissors.

First we drew a circle (Kreis) and since I can't draw a circle if my life depended on it, I used a strainer.

Baby Bird saw the circle and kept saying "Circle, Circle" I am so proud of him. (Now if only I could get him to recognize ANY other shape...)
Then, I cut out the circle. (I took a picture of this but decided it was a bit extraneous to show a circle being cut out of paper-you are just going to have to use your imagination or believe it was magic from one step to the next!)

Next, I used the scary 1 Euro store glue whose language was neither in German nor English to make a sand dollar shape. As you can see, it was quite difficult with the scary glue.

Then Baby Bird had the most fun dumping sand everywhere!!!!

When the glue/sand dollar was covered, we dumped the sand back in the bucket.

Then my little sand urchin had a sand dollar!

It was a simple craft but he kept asking for more and different colors so we made 3. I got better at using the scary glue as you can see. Please feign excitement at Yellow Sand Dollar Glue Outline below.

My little Sand urchin!


So Smrt said...

Your description of trying to figure out German products cracks me up! I guess you always assume you'll be able to find the same thing overseas, just with a different name. Like Elmersen Glukenste.

shawn said...

Love it! My daughter is seashore-crazy right now, this is perfect for her! Glue and sand, what could be better for a three year old? Thank you for the great idea.

Diane Mandy said...

Your little one is just too adorable!

Dayna said...

I love these sand dollars. I wanted to find some here but they are not available - never thought of creating them like this. And I was amazed by the glue job on the last one - NICE WORK!!

I am cracking up at so smrt's comment.

Shawna said...

Awesome project! And is that a coat or an apron from the hair dresser's? That would come in handy quite a bit...

Andrea said...

That was a cute idea. And I love the apron thingy - where can I get one of those??

My guy will be home sick tomorrow but if he's better I am going to run out and buy supplies on Wed for an after school activity. We plan to add sand and shells we collected from the beach this summer to the glass jar we painted for the glass project. I love Unplugged!

Claire said...

So cute! I love the little craft cape!


Bobbie said...

I dont know this book, but have seen several blogs refer to sand dollars.. now I know what they are talking about!!

cute project

Yelli said...

I am also cracking up at So SMRT comment!!! That sounds like Denglish to me!

Anyways, everyone is inquiring about the art cape and the answer is we bought it at IKEA for like 5 EUROS. (although Shawna's idea about stealing one from a hairdresser would work just as well...) :)

Michie said...

I like that craft - fun and simple! He looks like he really enjoyed it too. :)

Gottfredsen said...

Great projects. I am always looking for sand dollars at the beach and never find it. I am going to have to rember this idea. How fun.

Ashley said...

Cute idea! And I love the artist's smock..we have one of those too...very handy. :)

juliekintaiwan said...

Glad your little cutie is feeling better. Your project is great, I'm quite fond of sand dollars myself, and your yellow outline one is wonderful (no feigning here!)

Mom Unplugged said...

Glad he is feeling better now. I laughed at your description, especially the "scary glue." Lovely sand dollars!