Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yet another case where US is losing influence...

Here is yet another case from the NY Times where the US is losing influence.

This line made me sad:

"Chief Justice Barak wrote, the United States Supreme Court “is losing the central role it once had among courts in modern democracies.”

The article states that the European Court of Human Rights is now being cited more often. And if I am reading it correctly, so is Canada's "Supreme Court."

It is also sad that our Supreme Court justices are refusing to even look at foreign law. Another great line from the article:

"Judge Calabresi wrote, “and how they have dealt with problems analogous to ours can be very useful to us when we face difficult constitutional issues. Wise parents do not hesitate to learn from their children.”

It is sad when we refuse to listen to "our democratic offspring." They actually have a lot of important things to say.

Although my offspring certainly has important things to say also like chocolate milk and this below-see if you can figure it out. I will even give you a hint: we went to the aquarium yesterday.


The Big Finn said...

Poo poo, crab crab?

I'm just grabbing a straws here. Having no kids, I'm pretty bad at understanding kid-speak.

Diane Mandy said...

It makes me sad, too.

Julie said...

Gosh, it makes me very sad too.



Yelli said...

He is saying scuba diver! Luckily, I can kind of speak Baby Bird otherwise no one would understand him!