Thursday, October 23, 2008

ErnteFest or Harvest Fest and a strange Wurst

One of the wonderful things about living in Berlin (or I guess you could say any big city) is the availability of things to do. We found out about this delightful Harvest Fest and decided to see what a German Harvest Fest or ErnteFest entailed. This fest actually took place in Berlin city limits if you can believe it!

We were there right as it began and had a lovely time walking around the fields looking at the different vegetables. The fall colors are so beautiful at this time of year.

While walking through the vegetables, we came upon many animals. We saw sheep, cows, horses. I would show you pictures but German animals really don't look that much different than animals you would see in the US. :) Well, this one looked kind of different. I love the udders!
While walking back to the fest, we came upon some chickens that you can feed. Baby Bird made us feed chickens for like almost 30 min!
After all of that walking, we got hungry. The Scientist decided he wanted sausage. We came upon this stand. German speakers will know what this stand sells.
Yes, the Scientist ate a horse sausage! While not opposed necessarily to different cultures eating horse (as long as it is done in a humane way), I sure couldn't fathom eating it so any questions will be directed to the Scientist.

We sat down and ate and were treated to a show by Feuer Kopf Guy. He also had 2 pre-teens with him who were juggling.
While we were watching and Feuer Kopf Guy show ended, the Deutsch Oompah Musik began!
While listening to this made us thirsty so we treated ourselves to Bio Federweisser or Young Wine. For some reason, German music always makes me want to drink alcohol....

We finished eating and walked around looking at the wares. It was getting pretty packed!
Baby Bird had to have the obligatory "sitting on tractor" and "sitting on horse" pose.

We walked around some more and came upon a Merry-Go-Round. Baby Bird insisted on sitting on the elephant. The attendant there thought we were pretty hilarious because when we asked him how much to ride on the Merry-Go-Round, he laughed like a hyena. (I said gehen instead of fahren)
Gehen - by foot
Fahren - by anything else

The vegetable displays were absolutely stunning.
Then we met this nice Deutsch mädchen as we were leaving!
It was hard to believe, but it didn't rain the whole day!

A lovely day on the farm!

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