Friday, October 24, 2008

Funny Foto Freitag

I call this "Inanimate Objects that take Lunch Breaks"

What do they need to do between 13 and 15 Uhr???????
(Explanation below if you can't read German)

Germans are big on recycling. On every other street corner are these big domes colored white, green and brown so one can recycle different colored glass. This signs reads:

No porcelain, stoneware or Ceramic.
Only recycle glass between the hours of 7am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm.
On Sundays and Holidays, recycling is forbidden!

Here are the domes all together across the street from us if you have not seen them before:


Alexander Wesselmann said...

The lunch break is rather aimed at the Noise which comes with fillings these things.

While your picture seems to imply that noise from recycling may not be the only spurce in the neighborhood, there are places where you find the things close to apartment houses etc.

Yelli said...

@ Alexander - I get the noise part (at night when people are sleeping) But what happens in the afternoon that requires no noise between 13 and 15 Uhr? Who sleeps then?

And these recycling bins are in a residential neighborhood. There are apartments everywhere. These just happen to be in front of a wall but even above the wall are apartments.

headbang8 said...

Babies and toddlers take an afternoon nap, do they not?

And I, for one, sleep ALL weekend!

Yelli said...

@ headbang 8 - I totally agree with you but I am surprised that "possible baby & toddler sleeping time" would be the reason the recycling cans would take a break in the middle of the afternoon! Besides, everyone knows babies don't have schedules... :)

I like to sleep on the weekends too (it happens occasionally!) I am glad about the Sundays and Holidays. I still am not buying it though.

Alexander Wesselmann said...

I can just say that "Mittagsruhe" in Germany is some sort of traditional. For example: It is frowned upond to vacuum your apartment from 12-15 in many buildings.

No lawn mowing either. Nowadays this mostly concerns weekends, but I have lived in neighbourhoods where this it taken pretty seriously.

Afferent Input said...

Interesting that they have this rule. Coming from the USA, this is very strange, indeed.