Saturday, October 4, 2008

Germany & Women's World Cup

Germany was chosen to host the Women's World Cup in 2011! I am a big supporter of the US Women's National team and follow them often on their blog.

I have seen one US world cup before. It was in 2003 in Portland, Oregon. It had been relocated to the US after the SARS scare in China. The US played Germany in the quarterfinals only to lose to the future World Cup winner.

Last year's Women's World Cup was very disappointing and controversial. The US coach removed the goalkeeper Hope Solo in the semifinal who was doing well including 3 shutouts in favor of a more veteran goalkeeper. The US went on to lose to Brazil 0-4.

Hope Solo, clearly emotional from being removed (and recovering from the recent loss of her father) made a statement to the press against the coach's decision.

However, all is well now and the US replaced the coach in favor of famous former Swedish footballer Pia Sundhege. Under her leadership, the US women's team went on to beat Brazil AND Germany for the gold in the recent Olympics!

If you haven't watched Women's Soccer before, I encourage you to try. There seems to be a lot more skill and less pure aggression involved. It sometimes seems like a different game...

I hope I get the opportunity to see them again!


arturgreensward said...

Actually I found the whole Hope Solo debacle to be somewhat beneficial for women's soccer... just in the sense that the mainstream media actually talked about it a whole bunch for awhile. I knew people who didn't normally ever watch women's soccer who were talking about it.

And yeah, the women's world cup is a lot more fun to watch than the men. More skill, less thuggery.

Snooker said...

YEA! I'm so excited. Too bad the final won't be in Berlin. :(

J said...

Cool! I might actually be able to get tickets for it - unlike 2006.

Yelli said...

@artur - I bet you are right about that little drama bringing in more viewers. I would be curious to see any data!

@ snooker - that might not stop me from going!

@ j- Why couldn't you get tickets for 2006? I sense a story here!

J said...

No big story, just the idiotic way they sold tickets on the internet. Most people I know couldn't get tickets.

arturgreensward said...

Sorry... don't have any data for you other than anecdotal evidence (my sexist male football-loving colleagues were at least acknowledging that woman's professional soccer exists)