Monday, October 20, 2008

A Plea

Baby Bird is starting his 4th week in kindergarten (Germany) or preschool (USA) now. Things are going wonderful! He is starting to make friends, he brings home crafts, and even is speaking a little German. He told the Scientist and I "Nein!" last night. (oh great-now he knows how to say no in 2 languages!)

The teachers and other parents are wonderful and supportive. They bring me information on swimming nearby, dancing classes, and even restaurant recommendations. Everyone lives in the neighborhood so I even frequently am starting to bump into them around town! (Although I keep wondering when the "funny foreigner who always makes mistakes" routine is going to wear out for them!)

I also really like it because it is an Parent Initiative Led Kindergarten which is great because we do lots of activities together and there are parent meetings every 6-8 weeks. In fact, in a couple of weeks, there is a lantern festival for St Martin's Day where parents and children walk around in the dark and sing with lanterns. (I don't know any other details yet so don't ask yet)

However, this also means that we cook for the children. The parents take turns cooking lunch. Some parents go there and cook and others cook at home and the school heats it up. (They have a full kitchen there) Since I have school, I won't be able to make it but I thought maybe someone out there has a suggestion of what to make for 20- 2-5 year olds and 4 teachers!!!!

I am not scared of cooking. I LOVE cooking and am often trying out new recipes and ingredients. However, cooking in such big quantities AND for picky children is leaving me a little breathless to say the least!

Anyone out there got ideas? Bueller? Bueller?


Andrea said...

Homemade style macaroni and cheese - though the Germans may not understand what this is since its not common here.
Hmm. Bratwurst and mashed potatoes? Fairly easy to re-heat for the school and most kids like bratwurst.
The hard part is that lunch is the main meal for Germans so the usual PB & J sandwich won't cut it :)
I'll keep thinking.

Yelli said...

Considering there is no cheddar here that might be difficult but that did give me another idea. I have made Käsespätzle before and that might work. Emmentaler cheese is easy to find and I threw vegetables in there before. hmmm...THANKS!

Rachel Plunkett said...

Hi Danielle, If you are cooking for kids, I always get points for making cupcake ice cream cones. It's super super easy and I always get comments about how much work they are. Ha ha
Anyways, buy a box of cupcake mix, make it as usual, be sure to use cupcake paper cups. Before cooking stick the empty cones upside down on top of the cupcakes. cook as usual. When they cool, pull off the wrapper, and ice them with frosting and sprinkles. The kids lick them like icecream cones, and then eat the cone. Less mess and they are super cute. Good for mass birthday, or holiday parties, and it's easier than a cake. It looks like you need real food though. Not sure if the cupcakes would be too sweet for German taste buds.

Yelli said...

Thanks Rachel! Believe it or not, though, sweets are banned at my preschool. Although I might try that recipe at other times!

arturgreensward said...

Spaghetti. You can make huge pots of it, you can make 2-3 different kinds of sauces in advance to freeze/refrigerate. No problem. :)

Yelli said...

@ artur - hmmm...That is a good idea but can you reheat spaghetti? Remember, I can't cook there and so my options are basically oven-friendly stuff. I guess I could make some kind of baked Mostaccioli or something...