Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reason #721

Why I am glad I am not in USA right now...This came to my attention when a friend asked me if this was in Deutschland yet. I sure hope not!!!!!!

You can also see reviews of this here.

Please say this is a joke. I am going to pinch myself to make sure this is real.


Note: Because my language skills in German are say sub-par, I am just going to pretend that all German movies are the high quality films we see at foreign film festivals. In ignorance is bliss...


Adam said...

I feel ill.

J said...


Yelli said...

Ich auch!

arturgreensward said...

Danielle... if you think that looks like a terrible movie, you clearly haven't spent much time really plumbing the depths of modern cinema. Heck, that even got 40% on Rotten Tomatoes... there are movies that have 0%.

Mmmmm. Battlefield Earth anyone?

(I'm not saying I'm going to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua, just that it doesn't look *that* bad... all things considered)

Afferent Input said...
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Afferent Input said...

I have to agree with what arturgreensward said in that this doesn't look the worst movie ever.

That said, the preview does state as a matter of fact that Beverly Hills Chihuahua "is the best Chihuahua movie of all time!" Isn't that a bit like saying Weekend at Bernie's is "the best 'two dip$hits pretend that their boss isn't really dead' movie of all time"?

It's pretty easy to be the best of something if you're the only of something.

cliff1976 said...

I understand your need to share that with us.

But I still wish you hadn't.