Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unplug your Kids - White

Helpful tips from your friendly neighborhood busy Mom
  1. When going out, do not put water bottles in a small backpack where it sticks out a little. If the heavy water bottle should cause the backpack to unzip, a more expensive and breakable item like a camera will surely fall out first. Be also assured that expensive and breakable items are more difficult to find when one is in a foreign country and speaks only pigeon German.
Our camera is broke. I even did last week's challenge and Baby Bird and I made applesauce but with no pictures to show, I didn't feel like posting. (and I was on a mini-vacation in Bremen!)

I don't have a camera but our video camera can sort of act like a camera so I do have a few pictures for this week's project although it took forever to figure out how to take and upload them to the corn-puter.

Baby Bird and I set out to make more Halloween decorations and maybe just to make the German neighbors think we are even more strange. I was going to make this project but alas, Germans even have different shaped egg cartons. So, I decided to make ghost candle holders.

First you cut out the individual egg carton ghosts. We had to use only the corners. The quality of these photos are horrible but you can get the idea.
Next, paint each egg carton WHITE... (that is Baby Bird - integrating the theme!)
Now let them dry.
When they are dry, you can paint the face. Baby Bird took some creative direction of his own!

Then, we let the ghosties faces dry.
We took the 4th side and taped it to our candle holder.

We continued to tape until all of the ghostie egg cartons were in place. Double sided tape would probably have worked better but we didn't have any so scotch tape worked fine.
Flip it over and Voila! Ghosties!
Superfluous pics for the grandparents:

He was so proud of this! He kept pointing and telling us "white ghosts" and "hot?"

He kept blowing out the candle so this picture was taken in the few seconds it was actually lit.

Overall, a fun project and great for a rainy weekend... (again!)


C N Heidelberg said...

Those are so cute!!!

Bobbie said...

that is just adorable.. and made out of recycled materials... so cute

Gottfredsen said...

Oh that is cute. We made ghost to. Ours are different though. Ghost are so much fun.

juliekintaiwan said...

I like how you made something practical with your ghosties. Very cute.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Simple, but beautiful.

Michie said...

Very cute ghosts!

Rick said...

Fun project. It's that time of year for ghost, isn't it. He looks very proud. Cute kid.

So Smrt said...

Where did you get those teeny tiny pumpkins???? Thanks for the Bozo pin. I'm an environmental science teacher, so "That's the state tree" comes out of my mouth every time I see a white pine, no matter whether anybody is listening.

Dayna said...

cute cute cute~!

Yelli said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I will stay away from making things with fire for now since he seems kind of obsessed with lighting it and blowing it out.

@so smrt - My crazy parents in the States send me a Halloween care package just in case I forget that Halloween involves pumpkins.

I am more than happy to ask though! My email is in my profile if you want to know.