Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Word of the Day

There are lots of ways to get German Word of the Day and I have found that in a few cases, has actually helped to improve my vocabulary.

2 of my favorites German word of the Day are here and here.

However, I am finding that my English is decreasing as I am shoving more and more German words in my brain.

So, I subscribed to an English word of the Day.

The first word? hey rube

Do you know the meaning? Give up? Here I will give you a clue by putting it in a completely made up sentence.

At that, Palin supporters called a hey rube against reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse.

Oh wait...that actually happened.


Andrea said...

I don't know what the word means (will look that up asap of course) but your sentence made me giggle :)

Yelli said...

@ Andrea - If you click on the link of the hey rube that is highlighted, you can get the definition!

Katie @ said...

The more my German grows, the more my English slips, too. I've only been in Berlin a little while (just started blogging about it!), and I'm liking your word of the day idea. Thanks for the tip.

Yelli said...

@ Katie - The word of the Day is cool! On one of the links, you can even conjugate the word!