Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adventures in DeutschKurs

Anyone curious how my German class is going?

Teacher: Write a recipe in the passive and active and then exchange it with the table next to you. Make sure you look up any words you don't know.

Me: I love writing about food! hmm..I think I will write about crepes. They can be sweet or savory! How versatile!

Student 1 & 2 hands me their recipe

Me: Hmm...a recipe for Gnocchi. I don't know this word - Grieß (look at the 6th definition)

I accidentally look up Greis instead! (the 2nd definition is what I found)

Me to student 1 & 2: Are you sure you need old man in your recipe? I don't think that would taste very good!

Student 1 & 2 look confused

Hilarity ensues...

(Natürlich, this was all in German)


Diane Mandy said...

SOunds to me like you're doing brilliantly!

lettershometoyou said...

Ach, the IE / EI thing...

I used to always get the pronunciation wrong until way into my second year of lessons a classmate said the simplest thing: if the E is second it's pronounced EEE, if the I is second it's ponounced EYE. Not one teacher up until then had pointed that out.

The Big Finn said...

Here's another mix-up to avoid:

scheibe & scheide

I once said "eine scheide käse" and my German teacher immediately responded with: STOP! As it turns out, I had said "a vagina of cheese" instead of "a slice of cheese".

Yelli said...

@ Big Funn - I knew there were more Deutschkurs stories like this out there!

@ Letters- Thanks for the tip! I didn't know that but it totally cleared it up for me!

@ Diane - I am trying although probably annoying my teacher to all ends...

christina said...

Hee hee! Isn't it nice when you can have fun while you're learning?

I can pronounce the ie ei thing OK but when I type I still sometimes mix them up and always double check what I've written.