Thursday, November 20, 2008

Belgium Travel Blog Part 4 - A Train Show!

To the delight of our 2 year old and his current obsession with trains, our hosts found out about a lovely train show that was going on while we were there.

We headed out not quite sure what to expect. After getting a bit turned around due to lack of signage, we finally found the giant convention center where it was taking place.

One of the first displays we saw was the one below.

The "train aficionado" behind the design was so proud of his work. He was EAGER to show his work off especially to the 2 1/2 Americans. Since we don't speak French, he even happily switched to English for us. It was very interesting to hear him speak about his work. He wanted to show us the Wild West town but unfortunately, the Scientist and I know so little about the Wild West that we couldn't really authenticate his information. He also was a bit of a jokester and pointed to a tiny woman in stocks and called her "the mother in law" and called a tiny woman with no clothes on dancing in front of a tiny brothel his "mistress."

see the detail?

There were a lot of displays. Here were some displays that went over major events in history. The one below is an imagined representation of Babylon.

They even had boats. Some of the boat models even had working airplanes that could fly off of them.


Monster trucks! See the Stars n Bars?

A real helicopter for 1 person. A unicopter?

A case of toy cars that Baby Bird wanted to stare at for hours....

umm...gas masks?

A train ride! Baby Bird was MORE than excited to do this.
While this concludes our Belgian adventure, I still encourage all to visit. There were so many more things we wanted to do but didn't have time for (see above mentioned 2 year old).

  1. There are many monasteries where monks still make cheese and beer. We wanted to visit one like Orval.
  2. I could have sampled the different chocolates for hours and I don't even really like chocolate!
  3. visit Brussels and see the Manneken Pis. (Dutch for little man pee)
  4. enjoy some museums especially those with paintings
  5. drink more fruity beer like Lambic! I know it sounds not very good but they are full-bodied and satisfying.
And these are just a few of the wonderful things to do.

We also could not have asked for better hosts. We picked up a lot of good ideas on how to host visitors! Not only did they collect pamphlets in English for their guests, they let cooked us some wickedly delicious dinners. This is on top of one of our hosts who is on crutches AND taking care of their adorable 1 year old! We are truly grateful for their wonderful ambiance. I just hope we didn't bug them too much and remember D & I our place in Berlin is always open!

So, go now blog minions and visit Belgium. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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